I love ol’ Ed. He’s from Winner, South Dakota. They must not have much to do there but collect jokes and send them to me. I get about 10 a day. Maybe it’s just a Corona thing and it’ll blow over. Be careful when they sound the all clear, Ed. Double mask, get your jabs. Avoid everyone. Don’t catch a case of the ‘cron. You don’t want to be marginalized by your neighbors… if you have any. This cancel thing is almost worse than the bug.

I even got this in the mail this morning from another contributor

Looks Like Consolidated International Airlines is branching out into a different area…

But I digress. From the LRRP comic library…

So an old Vietnam Vet goes in to see his ‘personal care physician’ at his VAMC. The waiting room, like all VAMCs, is packed to the rafters with guys who’s doctor (your doctor, too) is running hours behind. Sound familiar?

VA Nursey-nurse at the window asks ” Name and last four. Let’s see your Corona card.  Do you have an appointment? What for?”  The Vet  answers ” Johnny Vet-3940. Here’s my vax card. I’m all up to date. Yes, I have an appointment. There’s something wrong with my dick.”

Nursey nurse comes unglued, blows an assgasket and lectures the poor guy in a loud, stage whisper… “You’re not supposed to come in here and say that in front of all these folks. It embarrasses everyone and makes them uncomfortable.” Johnny Vet says, in an equally loud whisper, “Okay. What was I supposed to do?”

VA Nursey nurse motions him in closer, hiking up her mask back over her nose. She stands up, leans across the counter, turns toward the crowded room and announces to all in a normal voice…”You’re supposed to say something like ‘I have something wrong with my ear’ and then discuss it in private with your doctor. Try to remember that.”

Johnny Vet squints his right eye a bit and asks with a note of concern… “Are you touched in the head, ma’am? If so, I apologize. But if you aren’t then you’re really batshit crazy. You asked and I answered”. With that he storms out in a huff.

About five minutes later he returns subdued and meekly gets back in line. When his turn comes, Miz VA Nursey nurse hikes her nose up to 12 o’clock high and sniffs… “So. How, exactly, can I help you?”

Ol’ Johnny Vet rolls his eyes patiently and allows that, yes, he has something wrong with his ear. The Booth Bitch, unfazed, asks loudly “And what is wrong with your ear?”

Turning to the crowded waiting room, he opines “Seems I can’t piss out of it, ma’am.”



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1 Response to LRRP HUMOR–PART II

  1. Calvin Winchell says:

    Urinating ain’t no thing, now to get the center pole up in my pup tent seems from time to time I contract sagging center pole? But, my blood pressure is in range…..

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