VA Letter 211b 98-110

Don’t any of you wonder where this went? In the circular file, apparently…

Postscript: There are actually numerous mentions of this letter in different decisions. Here’s one I found on Google.

Risk factors for hepatitis C include intravenous (IV) drug use, blood transfusions before 1992, hemodialysis, intranasal cocaine, high-risk sexual activity, accidental exposure while a health care worker, and various kinds of percutaneous exposure such as tattoos, body piercing, acupuncture with non-sterile needles, shared toothbrushes or razor blades. See VBA letter 211B (98-110) November 30, 1998.

This one also pops up but it has everything to do with illegitimate procedures employed by VA until they were caught cheating and were summarily precluded from doing this.


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3 Responses to VA Letter 211b 98-110

  1. SquidlyOne says:

    Yup it got deep sixed! The Navy term for “archived with no action taken”

    Click to access CHRG-106hhrg59652.pdf

    • SquidlyOne says:

      This is where the issue of HCV infected Veterans died a quick and sudden death:
      Mr. SANDERS. I would just add to what Mr. Weidman says, and
      correct me if I’m wrong, if the VA does the right thing and they
      reach out to all of the veterans, the 10 percent who are infected are
      treated, you must be talking about astronomical numbers that
      there is no way on God’s green Earth you can deal with within the
      Mr. Brownstein or Dr. DiBisceglie, is that correct?
      Dr. DIBISCEGLIE. That is correct.
      Mr. SANDERS. If they do the right thing and respond to hepatitis
      Mr. SHAYS. I think the record will demonstrate that we are putting
      tremendous demands on the VA and someone like myself, who
      does believe that we need to find a way to honor this agreement
      as best we can, we either have to find the money from some other
      area, not within VA, or we have to break the cap.

  2. Loyal Blair says:

    Perhaps they should look in the same place where this Veterans $600,000 went. This Veteran had a VA selected fiduciary since 1995. Even the “eyes of an Eagle” were unable to spot the missing half million.

    The moral here is if the VA wants to find you a fiduciary, watch out.

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