Jerrel and John have graciously invited me on for another show. This should be interesting. I’d like to teach all of you how to weaponize your claims so you can’t lose. Yep. You read that correctly. Yesterday morning I had two different 800 Dial-A-Prayer (800-827-1000) conversations going at the same time-one from Fort Fumble in Montana and one from my local Travel Board hearing contact Tammy at the Seattle Puzzle Palace. That’s a first. Time to buy more phone lines…

Best of all, I can’t seem to lose.  I’ve had a few setbacks on timelines to completions in the Vets’ favor but no outright denials. And boy howdy, when the Travel Board Hearing whizbang calls to tell me a DRO is tossing in TDIU after only a six-month argument over how ill my Vet is, well, I know I’ve “arrived” in this business. She also was begging me to drop the rest of the appeal! Screw them. Why didn’t the DRO call me herself ? Mind you, I’m not bragging but it seems I’ve found the Rosetta Stone on how to prosecute VA claims.

I might not make much money filing for the obvious and winning before it gets to the NOD stage but that’s good. I don’t have the time and don’t need the money. Oddly, after looking at the “Client Board ” above my desk, I see (gasp) vacancies to take on more claims. I do hope this doesn’t engender you folks in a mad dash to the email to swamp me but it does appear my own personal backlog is abating. If VA continues to keep throwing in the towel every time I file a NOD, I’m going to be disappointed. I enjoy using all that legal knowledge to write sound, scathing epiphanies on why my Vets should prevail. No one (except me) takes pleasure in making DROs squirm and have to admit they’re wrong. I will say they are gracious in defeat rather than obstreperous, adversarial and angry.

Be there or be square.  Mark your calendars for the day after tomorrow at 1900 Hrs on the Least Coast, or, if you’re more blue-blooded than red, at 1600 Hours on the Left Coast. For those in middle America, I ask you to use your mathematical skills to interpolate the correct time difference.

The call in number, unless Jerrel and John are funning me, remains …

347-237-4819 (push #1 to talk)

 Remember the mantra- Leave no Veteran behind. If you have the ability to help, do so. Even if it’s only to send them to Hadit.com or asknod.org. for more info.

P.S. More on the Darwinian theory of Evolution



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6 Responses to HADIT.COM RADIO SHOW 6/28/2018

  1. LOUIS stewart says:

    This information could help you on your claims, my claim for bladder incontinence. Neurology Now: October/ Novermber 2014- Volume 10- Issue 5-p 54-56. In my case I was misdiagnosis, with a hernia and surgery was done. Now I have found out it is nerve entrapment, cause by the back injury at the time. It is on appeal at this time.

  2. Mary says:

    YaY for you!! Quick Question: If the Claims Rep opens up a CUE on my behalf (I didn’t request one) does this mean a CUE might be a miracle in the making? I filed a reconsideration and this was added to the claim. I’m at 90% now. Thanks

  3. Donna says:

    Hey Alex- Please consider me getting on the list for my Hep C claim. I’ve done everything we’ve talked about, but I had some questions before I actually file. Thanks so much for the information you have already given me.

  4. Karen s says:


  5. woodguy11 says:

    Good going nod. Wish I had discovered your site sooner. As it is the gal that I deal with @ Woods and Woods doesn’t know much about Hep-C and how you get it. Am now stuck with them until appeal is over. Am now 70k claims in front of me. You can get Hep-C from dry blood. 3 days I think
    any way I am sure I will get denied . Makes me mad. These lawyers are not as passionate as you. Keep up the good work. Ray

    • asknod says:

      Ray, I apologize for not getting to you in time. However, until W&W finish it, my hands are tied. I suppose you could ask them to reach out to me and I can tell them how to win it for sure. If you had a copy of your c-file, you could send it to Dr. Cecil. I could set that up if you haven’t done so already. If you go into the BVA without a shiny new nexus letter, you’re being had. It would be even better to have two. Stupidity has sunk ships and claims. This is what knowledgeable folks are for. This is what I trained for. To get this far and go up on the rocks due to lack of course knowledge is borderline misfeasance.

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