Humor strikes me when you give me the ammo. And Least Coast Bruce (Almighty) just sent me the mother lode of fishing chuckles. In addition, at the end you will find some choice tidbits from my old friend Smoke. Life is good at the cusp of the Summer equinox. My heart has ceased misbehaving. Cupcake is over her mid-life crisis and sanity seems to be returning to our great nation. 

I’d like to say thank you to Roberto Perez-Soto of San Juan Puerto Rico allowing me to  shepherd him to permanent and total. In addition, we have other, local chicken dinner winners near me here-Bob in Puyallup, Bob in Lakebay, Wayne in Montana and Stefan in San Diego. Seems VA is writing more S, R1 and R2 ratings since I received my accreditation. And well they should. Far too few of you understand how the SMC Mississippi River flows. I take great pleasure in teaching VA how to read their own regs. But I digress from  my favorite subject-Veteran Humor…

Hey. Come on, guys. She’s wearing a flotation device.


Here’s some of Smoke’s I purloined off his Face Place feed.

The Ottoman Wars

Life is so much better with humor.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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  1. WindTalker says:

    The day I caught the biggest bass in my life we could not find a scale to weigh the fish. We did have a camera and took a picture. The picture weighed 14 pounds.

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