As is customary, I wait until the last moment to inform you of an event. Such is the disease of putitoffuntillaterism. I hate that when that happens. This afternoon I’d like to discuss several subjects to include herbicide exposure in Thailand, the new rules on the VA Appeals system and whether unicorns fart.


We all have numerous burning questions about claims and Jerrel gives me great leeway in digressing to answer these as they arise. What the hey? That’s what Veterans claims are all about. Every one of you has a most unique story that differs in marked respect to others. No single instance of advice offered will ever be tailored exclusively for all of you which really makes this line of work extraordinarily interesting.

Same time, same channel. Thursdays at 1600 Local on the Left Coast and 1900 on the (L)east Coast. I hope to teach some of you about why you lose and what you can do to win.

To call in and listen:


To speak, press 1

Seen in Oregon recently. Jez, there’s some of us left out there.

unnamedFarting unicorns, anyone? How about Six-figure salaried Asshats paid by you Veterans clapping for your loss of legal rights?  Drive-thru windows at BVA now? Remember, I predicted this in an April Fool’s spoof in 2015…


Clowns to the left of me   Jokers to the right

Here I am          Back in the middle with you

I hate to even think the improbable but when Veterans see how they have been bamboozled again, the suicide numbers will go up. It’s like changing the Lotto game from 44 to 59 numbers… and now adding a Powerball requirement on top. BVA Claims-In by ten- out by thlee, like Chinese Dry Cleaners. They even call them Fully Developed Appeals at one point in the Senate Bill.

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  1. Karen s says:

    Something new on Thailand claims?

    • Angela S. says:

      or, anything new on the Nehmer ruling applying to Thailand Veterans for determining an earlier effective date? I still can’t prove “boots on the ground” for my father so the VA still says, “No Nehmer for you.”

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