635646931319099161-veterans-administration-logoBoy howdy, this enough to make your head spin. They need to put one of those revolving doors in at 810 Yellowbrick Road NW. This will be the fifth VASEC in about six years…

Imagine your underling getting hired to replace you and he doesn’t even have a DD 214? And you get the shit show and shown the door. It just goes to show you Murphy’s first law that no good deed goes unpunished is alive and well in Foggy Bottom. Time for a new VA dog and pony show.

Once upon a time in a magic land with unicorns, faeries and talking wooden dolls…

emoticon13This just in. CNN News Reporter Jim Acosta reports President-elect Donald Trump has changed his mind again and transferred  retired USMC General “Mad Dog” Mattis over into his VA Secretary slot and replaced the Secretary of Defense slot with Gen. David Petraus.

During the same news conference, Mr. Acosta also claims to have incontrovertible proof that the President-elect’s birth certificate is phony, contending he was really born in South Africa.

News and film at Six tonight on this developing story. We’ll see you then. Back to you. Wolf.


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  1. john king says:

    Another few billion tax dollars down the drain as a gift to one of the largest welfare recipients being VA employees and staff. Disabled vet patients are lower than the janitors and lowest level flunky at VA HQ. I expect the administration to have a brain storm that if vets get SSA or a pension from their work they don’t need VA compensation. This is a Republican wet dream. I don’t like Dems or Republicans. They are all big bull shit artists when it comes to serving vets. Somebody has to pay for huge tax cuts to billionaires why not cut vet benefits and put all these lazy 80 year olds back to work?

  2. Mark says:

    Same as it ever was

  3. Crisco says:

    Good one !

  4. Karen S says:

    Mattis did well, I was impressed. Disappointed in VA pick, nothing will change . I assume the second part is a joke?

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