smaller Trademark VA LogoThank you to Jennifer for this one. I had not heard of it. This is why Vets need each other as a close-support network. Veterans Lawyers’ and NOVA should put this in the rolodex.


P.S. And, of course with that said, treat all these websites as potential scams. Do not assume they have your best interests at heart. We’d all like to believe in Unicorns but they are often chimeras.

P.P.S. Further research reveals various opinions pro and con as to the bona fides of the outfit. Seems there are multiple opinions. Unlike Amazon reviews that can be verified, we see unidentified folks singing the praises with no confirmed rating sheets. I ran across this perfidy with Together We Served. It was a “free one-month trial” but I was asked to give them a credit card number. Bingo. They instantly zapped me $25 or so. In order to extract myself, I had to find the minuscule widget on a different page to punch out. Either way, they got that $25.

It would seem that anyone, regardless of having received their services, can post a comment on the FB site and extol their virtues-including their own personnel. Hardly useful for a fact-finding mission. Try this

If any of you have had dealing with these folks, do tell. If all your ISP addresses originate in the Gainesville, Florida area, I guess that will sink the ship.capture


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  1. Mary Madigan says:

    I contacted them, but their Intake Specialist said they will not do business with the law firm I have, a communication issue,: he said.

  2. Skywalker says:

    Sorry in advance if this site was bogus. I had a co-worker recommend it to me and said he was using it for his claim (but that’s not to say they did a good job). Their website looks good, but that doesn’t necessary mean the business is legit.

    I ran their name by my VA attorney. The response:

    “I am familiar with the firm to which you refer. One of the attorneys here has used them…..I prefer to use this one: They charge a flat fee, not contingent on the amount of your retroactive adjustment.”

    I balked a little at that because it looked like the highest ranking credential was an RN. They suggested Ellis in OKC, who I already knew about, so we’re preparing to use Ellis now (they just have a bit of a waiting list, though).

  3. I am an attorney representing veterans before the VA. I have several clients “in the queue” with the VA for both DROs and VBA Hearings. I recently had my first “win” after a VBA video hearing. The documentation created and used in this appeal was awesome! I had an earlier remand, and the vet had another VA C&P, and was again denied. They are not a scam, and none of my veteran clients has paid anything for the examinations or the documentation. One thing they, nor anyone else can do is speed up the 18 – 24 month wait for the VA to take action once the evidence is submitted. I recommend that all my clients engage with Vet Comp & Pen to produce an IMO for their appeals.

    • asknod says:

      Well, campers, I checked out Mr. Tetrault on the OGC Accreditation list and he is legitimate. As for his comment that his Veteran clients paid absolutely nothing for the examinations or the documentation- I leave that to your imagination. There simply is no free lunch for VA nexus letters except my doctors for skin and Hepatitis C. As Kathleen so aptly put it-Caveat Emptor.

      • My clients are all at the appeal level, and they signed contingency agreements for fees IF they are awarded by the VA. That is also the way I earn my fees. I am changing my process, however, to collect out-of-pocket costs due to the very lengthy time the VA takes to rule on appeals.

        • asknod says:

          Thank you for clarifying that, Mr. Tetrault. That actually is the way we all earn our fees-by waiting for a successful outcome. I do note that Vet Comp.and Pen LLC mentioned a deposit of $300 on the 2011 website but does (did?) offer a refund on the deposit if the appeal is unsuccessful. I do hope you are not forced to take any of the appeals to the CAVC. I do not blame you for charging for the out-of-pocket fees. I haven’t had to resort to it yet as I work out of my home. If you are in San Antonio for the Spring NOVA conference in April, I look forward to meeting you. Thanks for your input. The more Veterans know and learn, the more informed decisions they can make.

  4. If I remember correct she is a NP at the VA. I contacted them it appears my case was either to complicated or they just could not see the forest for the trees. They said I did not have enough probably a blow off. I am glad I did not listen to them about three months after that I ended up with a 100 % IU P&T no future exams.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Can’t comment on whether scam or not, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the lack of “visible” information on the website. One must “sign up” to get that type of information I guess…I for one would not be willing to do so. What I did find which might prove helpful someone in making a decision whether to use/not use this firm is:

    Privacy Policy:

    Terms & Conditions:

    Sample contract:

    A quick Internet search with the company name and “BBB” will bring up who the “Management Team” consists of. From there, one need only to do an Internet search of individual names from the “Management Team” coupled with the business name to come up with some background information on the principals of the firm…

    An article (paid?) on pg. 44 of this online journal on the company:

    Caveat emptor

  6. Longfellow Rogoczy says:

    It’s always easier to let someone do the work for you but, the result may not be the same if a Veteran did it themselves.
    We’ve all heard too many of the well meaning VSO stories, including some from lackadaisical lawyers. I’ve had horrific time wasting experiences from both.
    Who knows, maybe this Florida outfit is good? (Good = Great Communication with the Veteran and thorough paperwork submittals to the VA)

  7. Katrina J Eagle, Esq. says:


    Not sure who “Jennifer” is but I personally am very leery of any website that fails to list one single actual human being. This looks like a total scam to me — notice they very carefully stay away from saying what they actually are; e.g., doctors, lawyers, …?? Just former VA staff.

    You have quite the internet following. You might consider finding out who these people really are being letting veterans get scammed by a group AskNod has “blessed”.

    • asknod says:

      Good point. Jennifer is one I have given advice to in the past. It certainly bears investigation before blindly mailing them a check and asking where to report for their personalized “independent C&P”. Thanks for your input. Scams are a dime a dozen as is false news. I rarely ever give my approval or blessing to anyone I am unfamiliar with as you as you probably know. It is an asset to be investigated. If anyone has anything other than a positive experience, it is hoped they would return here to share it with us. I would be remiss if I didn’t share it and it turned out to be a valuable resource.

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