VeteransAdministration.12755109_stdI just hate to wake up early to catch up on the news and find this in my in-box. Thank you John Giovenco for this one. You inadvertently also provided me with another article just below it that made my hair stand on end due to the similarity of what VA did to me surgically in 2009-2010. Is it just the Seattle VA doctors or is this a pattern? Yes, I know we all hear an inordinate amount of talk about pill factories up in Wisconsin and corpses in the shower room in St. Pete’s but is this honestly that widespread?

First, John sent this link to about bonuses. Nothing can bring my blood to a boil like VA incentives. . But what caught my eye after reading it was one of those hooks below it like a Facebook blurb. Boy, if you liked this article then maybe you’d be interested in reading one of the following ones as well.


Veteran Tim Kuncl

Veteran Tim Kuncl

Well boy howdy that first one was an eye magnet. Lo and behold. It was about my favorite hospital where I spent a year and four operations teaching University of Washington’s Doogie Howsers how to disassemble and reassemble the gastrozone piping system connected to the stomach-unsuccessfully, I might add- judging by how many times they had to redo it. I should have charged admission and I didn’t even get any frequent flier miles.  Looks like our fellow Veteran and ex-Coastguardsman Timbo got pretty much the same Rodney Dangerfield ‘ I don’t get no respect’ treatment. The best part is that he managed to retrieve the leg. VA probably regrets their failure to “misplace it” when they had the chance. Check this out.

Here’s closeup of the fustercluck:


Kind of gives me the feeling UW Medical School’s motto is ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Don’t give up. Do it again, with gusto. I had no idea you could get that much metal inside such a small area. It also confirms my belief in having a good FTCA law that protects us against this kind of insanity. Seeing’s how the Seattle VAMC is so sloppy, perhaps you might want to keep the attorney’s number close at hand for any of Seattle’s future medical misadventures. Mr. James Holman Esq. is right next door to my favorite restaurant.


Daddy gave me one of the Prime Directives early in life and VA seems to have embraced it wholeheartedly- “It isn’t a (expletive deleted) until you can’t fix it.” I wonder how many more times they planned on remodeling Mr. Tim’s right lower extremity before they called it irretrievable. He gave them three shots at it which is three more than I would have knowing what I do now.


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  1. Kiedove says:

    Tim Kuncli, your generous limb donation, during a stressful period, was a remarkable gesture. You are one tough awesome vet. Seattle, grow up and take responsibility.

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