222When we drove back east every time from here in The Other Washington, we took I-90 through to Maine or dropped down to Virginia depending on where we were heading. The first time we took the I-94 side route over to see Gen. George Custer’s tactical error in northern Montana. In the summer, take a shorter-barreled 12 gauge with #4s  for the rattlers. Just a head’s up if you want to go off the trail for  some super photos of all those headstones. It sounds like a gazillion cicadas up there in July. A razor blade and a tourniquet isn’t such a bad idea either.

In our travels, we always ended up in Madison,  Wisconsin about 1830 on the second day. Cheeseworld. The house of Cheese. Cheesaholics Anonymous. Yessir. They have cheese there. They must sell a ton of Miralax, too. The next day we drove through Janesville on I-90 heading to Chicago. I remember it was a pretty small burg.What I could never comprehend was why they chose Janesville as the Evidence Intake Center for all the VA correspondence. The problem has been solved.


The 59th VARO

I was watching the CBS news and they announced Representative ( and House Speaker) Paul Ryan was done campaigning for The Donster and was heading home to the wife and kids in his home town of … wait for it… Janesville. Seems if the VA wanted to get Congress on board for more dinero, they were going to have to set up shop in his congressional district. That’s a shit ton of jobs, Jose.

I just thought all of you might want to know that. It’s how they work. You scratch my back and get my folks jobs in Janesville and we’ll make sure you get some down yonder in Newnan, Georgia, Congressman Westmoreland. Roger that? Too bad the guys in Newnan got busted for piling it all in the back room. The shredders would have been next.

As Roseanne Rosannadanna used to say. “It always goes to show it’s something!”

download (1)

I got a letter here from Alex in Gig Harbor and he wants to know why the VA put their collection center at the ass end of the world in Janesville, Wisconsin. Well, Alex. This is how it works…


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  1. The shredders would eventually have been next in both Newnan and Janesville, had it not been for the Robinson case you showed me, for which I am tremendously grateful! Despite the CAVC putting the Secretary on notice (on tape) as of 3/29/16 to cease and desist, the VA is still arguing the point. Sometimes, the original source paper copies have already shredded. if they’re not, and the VA knows this for a fact and how to reassemble them, they still refuse to hand them over to the veteran or his representative. We’re waiting to see if 15-4522 is an encore of that lovely piece of audio entertainment.

  2. Todd Totzke says:

    Often wondered what happened to Newnan, Ga. Can’t find anything via google, where did you search?

    • asknod says:

      They were talking aboout it closing back in March at the Las Vegas NOVA conference. The subcontractor running it was spending to much time blue gill fishing and not enough time scanning and uploading the stuff coming in. When they found old sacks of mail in the back storage areas, they shut it down.

  3. Clear Left says:

    now it’s 0400 Christmas morn. Hurry up Santa Judge I smell dawn a-comin.

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