All VA-enrolled veterans needing HCV antivirals may get them now

What a crazy, crazy summer:  nutty politics, all-manner of leaks, evil violence, zika and more. Time to think about HCV again, a topic and problem that now seems easier to deal with despite all the misinformation/avoidance/denial that the government puts out.  Frank sends us this news from JAMA:

VA Extends New Hepatitis C Drugs to All Veterans in Its Health System (LINK).  The article is free to read.

The government agency is now beginning hepatitis C antiviral therapy for 1100 patients a week—double the figure from a year ago—and hopes to increase that number to 2000 patients a week by the end of this year, said David Ross, MD, director of the VA’s HIV, hepatitis, and public health pathogens programs. At the same time, the VA is trying to screen all veterans born between 1945 and 1965, who account for more than 75% of hepatitis C infections.

The article links to a CDC press release, “Hepatitis C Kills More Americans than Any Other Infectious Disease” which states that there were 19,659 (known) HCV deaths in 2014. 

JAMA notes that HCV is “the nation’s deadliest infectious disease, which kills more people in the United States than HIV, tuberculosis, pneumoccocal disease, and dozens of other infectious conditions combined.”

 I didn’t know that.

Better late than never?  Of course.  Yet for thousands of deceased vets and their families, it is too late.  For tens of thousands of “cured”  veterans, there are on-going side effects–physical, economic, emotional and social–to deal with.

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3 Responses to All VA-enrolled veterans needing HCV antivirals may get them now

  1. asknod says:

    Welcome back , Kiedove. We missed you.
    The hired help

  2. Mark says:

    FUK THEM, After 4 Treatments (sick) my life has been screwed up Forever, Thanks VA for the Pain, I will Never Forget You, I will Not step in another VA Doc office EVER.

  3. john king says:

    I don’t have HCV, but I cannot even get basic care for a bad back. VA care is supposed to be coordinated so that the vet gets all their health needs attended to without having ten different doctor’s offices to have to go to and contend with insurance, medicare etc. I find the VA the most uncoordinated basket case health care system. I now only use them for pain meds because they are almost useless for my other problems which are legion. Thank God they are treating with HCV cases they are responsible for instead of just letting vets die (which is cheaper). Oh, yeah, I took out my new Remington 870 Marine Magnum to the range. Now I need a new shoulder I think. Great little piece of field artillery, but you better hit that guy kicking down you door with first shot because you will be deaf after first blast. After 6 shots your shoulder will be sore for a week. My wife could not shoot this very good shotgun since it is 12 ga. I now think for my home defense I also need Glock or Sig. I am trying to keep it simple so even wife might be able to defend herself. I don’t worry about ISIS. I worry about my neighbors and crooks who do home invasions.

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