th-12Here’s a scary VA statistic. I’ve helped, to my immediate knowledge, around 300 Veterans over 8 years find the light at the end of the VA tunnel on just Hepatitis C. Imagine there are only 622 of us rated for it. Granted the survival rate isn’t stupendous in old age, but 622 souls is a pittance at the 100% rate. Keep in mind that also includes those of you who are Totally Disabled due to Individual Unemployment (TDIU) and it boggles your goggles. I had no idea I belonged to such an ostentatious select club with so few members. 

Here’s the link to Patricia Lupole’s post on the subject:

HCV 100% jpeg

Too bad they didn’t actually show a picture of a guy getting the ‘jetgun two-step’ on both sides at a 70° angle. Seems a bit off kilter to put up an article exclusively about jetgun mishaps and illustrate it with a disposable syringe.




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5 Responses to VA DIAGNOSTIC CODE 7354–622 VETS @ 100%

  1. Frank N Antonicelli says:

    Army 3/72-4/75 and since the mid 80s when I was told after a blood donation to go see my primary Care Doctor for some blood work . the VA tells me that I have both HCV and B . what was a shock to me was no surprise to them and then to make a statement like . that is not new and said to others that we not being inform cause there is nothing that can be done anyway. from that time since I have been deny all free medical other than paying co-payments going through at the time interferon and Ribavirin 2 times at Loma Linda VA and one time with the Teamster welfare trust Anthem Blue cross . I give it one more try through VA Choice Program. All with no response . Then comes the wonder drugs Zepatier and finally with EPCLUSA .This is the 4th month. “Lord I hope this works”I still want to live and watch my kids grow. Zero % rated from VA and Social Security paying me 75% for retiring early. and places on total and perm disability By them with Stage 4 Grade 4 Liver Problems. With all that said . My feeling are still and had never changed from 3/1972 . GOD BLESS AMERICA. I’LL do it all over again . I’m sure it the same way most Vets feel .that have similar problems and Zero % VA rating . Frank N A Former Co. D 27th Maint. Ba 1st Cav Div.

  2. Sherry says:

    That number is pathetic! Why is it the disease that makes more sense in obtaining in service is always the one they fight against the most. Maybe it’s just me but the whole system seems corrupt and by the time a Vet puts two and two together and figures out their disease is affiliated with their Service to our Country it becomes another battle that most just don’t have the strength nor the means to fight. I could say so much more but I don’t want to make anyone ill or myself for that matter! Alex, you must be one tough-son-of-a-gun, I have to hand it to you to have stuck with your guns and made things happen. ;):):):):)

    • asknod says:

      Sherry, the thing that amazes me the most is that, of those 622 souls, three of us rated at 100%, live less than thirty miles away from each other . In fact, Mark lives less than a mile and half.

      I can loosely count all our (HCVets) wins and the majority of those 622 folks are made up of people we were able to teach how to win in time.

      Personally., I think we owe a lot to Dr. Ben Cecil. Without his IMOs many of those we did help would never have attained it.

      I’m really not all that tough. I’d say I’m one of those idiots that has walked through life oblivious to danger. Cupcake sometimes talks about how deranged I was in the Seattle VAMC for a year. That, I’m glad to say, is something I have no recollection of. The line on me was 27% chance of recovery. My finest tough guy imitation arrives and I was comatose.

      As Janis Joplin sang:

      Freedom’s just another word
      for nothing left to lose.

  3. Karen S says:

    Don’t have Hep C, but I hit my 20 years Jan 2017. Time flies when you’re having fun.

    • asknod says:

      In this adversarial system (VA) in which we live, a twenty year protection speaks volumes about perseverance-considering VA likes to show up on your doorstep on the 19th year and the tenth month to say they want one last C&P before you hit the big 20, That’s the closest thing we’ll ever have to compensation/pension protection.

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