vetcourtappealspromoThe continuing inquiry of “How much is that Greenhouse in the Window?” is now reaching twenty days.  VR&E Seattle is silent as a church mouse. Last Friday, I received not one, but two calls from VA. A Ms. Kennedy in Seattle called me to schedule my VA Nonattorney Practitioner test. It was hard to hear her as the telephone handset suddenly had condensed icicles hanging off it. I’m not kidding. The second was from Veronica in Washington DC at the VACO (Veterans Affairs Central Office) VR&E Emergency Services Desk. 

I get a bang out of VA chuckleheads all running around shouting ‘I’m pro vet’  or ‘we’re nonadversarial’. Ms. Snow Queen, who appears nowhere on the VBA employee’s list in Seattle, had the frosty personality of one absolutely put out at having to talk to, let alone permit, a Veteran to choose a date and time for his Agent’s exam. The temperature around the telephone handset dropped forty degrees in a few short seconds.

Ms. K: Is this Gordon A. Graham?

Mr. A: Yes.

K: You wish to take the agent’s test?

A: Yes. Let me look at my calendar…

snow witch

Ms. Seattle Snow witch

K: I’m sorry. Only Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are designated test days. There are two times available-10 AM and 1 PM. Which would you prefer?

A. Okay. so July 12th is a Tuesday.

K: Correct.

A: And I have AM or PM times to choose from?

K: Correct.

A: Okay. 10 AM then. Is that available?

K: Correct.

A. Thank you.

K: Is there anything else I can do for you? I’ll be the Test Procter. Please arrive early to allow for a full-body strip search. I’m in Room 1326 on the thirteenth floor. My number, if you need it, is 206-867-5309, extension 1234. Goodbye.

Ms. Veronica, rather than being put out at having to deal with untermenschen Vets, was more the typical VA pointman trying to probe the way ahead for danger. It has to be difficult to feign ignorance, retain a straight face and ask lowly Johnny Vet what the hell is going on.  Remember the Seattle VR&E folks who claim they had to send it back to VACO in December 2015 to be analyzed? Ms. Veronica strives to come across as one who hasn’t a clue about the five year battle and is calling me for information.

The conversation finally ended in a Joint Motion for Concurrence (JMC). She would call Seattle and get to the bottom of it. See how this works? Insert fifty George Washington coupons into the CAVC machine and it will do a search for you.


In thirty days (sometimes less) you have the answers you needed and VA suddenly begins to go through the motions of the ICARE dance . We all know it would never have occurred without the Extraordinary Writ. The gal from OGC (027) will wink and tell Judge Bartley that they have already accomplished much but Mr. Graham is very tardy in returning his calls or emails. Veronica in DC was finally able to have a colloquy with him on Friday the 24th of June after numerous attempts. Seems it’s all a minor misunderstanding and Mr. Graham has since been instructed on how to send emails and answer a phone correctly. Much ado about nothing. Move along. There’s nothing to see here.

Here’s the opening foray to get Secretary ‘Call me Bob’ McDonald and his little people to divulge what they know and when they knew it.

Ex Writ G-H bartley order 6-24-16

Stay tuned to next month’s exciting episode coming up around July 24th or so.


This is the fourth in the Extraordinary Writ #16-2098. To see the next installment, click here

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  1. Don’t expect much before the 30th day at 16:30 East Coast time as each deadline approaches for however long it takes. That was our experience on the writ petition we filed. This is going to get real interesting, real fast.

    • asknod says:

      Yep. Veronica called here at 1400 Local on Friday or about 1700 VACO time. The ohshit Fort Fumble alarm clock went off here Monday about 1100 local. Mr. Voc Rehab called desperately trying to give me an update personally. Now he’s saying we need to get together by Wednesday to iron out the Individualized ILP and the Sq. footage and accoutrements with our brand new General contractor from UTI, Inc. in Phoenix. What? a videoconference??? I heard him try to gloss over a 15X20 300 SF one-piece drop g-house and a 110VAC outlet with a hose bib. Sorry Charlie. The VLJ mentioned an indoor heated ADA paradise with raised tables (plural). Looks like another Ex Writ coming on… Might have to ask Bartley to retain mandate and get a report card every month on VR&E compliance with BVA decision grant.

      • The first response the VA gave in our writ was a bunch of mumbo jumbo that glossed over the ugly details. We responded with the ugly details to fill in the blanks, which generated another 30 day notice for the VA to address what we wrote. Based on what happens with your videoconference, if you don’t like the outcome, or even if you just want to put on record now a reminder of the GH spec’s agreed upon by the BVA, you can just issue another statement now in support of your writ petition. I don’t think another writ may be necessary if you can address the possibility within the current writ, what do you think?

  2. john king says:

    If I say what I am thinking I might get on terrorist no fly list so I better just say” HI, HO, it’s off to the VA we go. ” Some years ago I got on some extra special security check list just because I have a pretty common first and last name. It took a trip to my congressman to get off the list. Home Security would neither confirm nor deny I was on any list, but the extra security when I tried to fly stopped suddenly. You are horning in on special game reserve that VA has for turning the lives of vets to crap so they resent you . Fight the power, fight the power that be. It is just normal for VA employees to hate veterans.

  3. wynwn says:

    Have you noticed any strange looking humanoids hiding behind trees with sprigs of grass sticking out from their pukey purple beanies?

  4. Clear Left says:

    Do hope your Ms Veronica is better at point than VRC’ing ILP cases in Savannah George-A

  5. Jerrel Cook says:

    Just give her a good old juices FART..

  6. cdneh says:

    She’s the test proctor? Ouch. Wear some heated underpants. Don’t blink.

  7. Longfellow Rogoczy says:

    The Ice Queen looks like my 1st wife…lol

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