fire5dFrom my neighbor and very good friend brownwater brother Jim, another poignant reminder of our ever-shrinking ranks. Salute with me the three percenters-those who feel that burning need to ensure the peace and prosperity of our amazing country. I’m proud to have made that choice myself in 1969. I’m also glad I survived it.


As the calendar begins it’s inexorable march towards Memorial Day, I get a lot of hits regarding Band of Brothers Day. For my generation, it will always be May 7th. That is the day our government recognizes the last day we served in the Vietnam War. For others from other conflicts, it may be another significant day in 1945 or 1953. Maybe 2011.

Regardless, Band of Brothers Day, for any Veteran, is every day still alive after surviving a war or, in our case, a boundary misunderstanding in Southeast Asia. Welcome home.



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  1. Kiedove says:

    I think there are only 1/2 of 1% of Americans living who have served due to the draft ending.

  2. john king says:

    The last days in Vietnam will always be a shameful episode in our history. Many of the ARVN we left behind spent years in “reeducation camps”. I think just about every ARVN officer was sent to one of these camps while Americans celebrated Peace with Honor. Shame, shame and eternal shame on the USA. This is how we treat our friends then how do we treat our enemies?

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