Cardiac Stress Test HCV outbreak in WVA

Sorry, here’s another hepatitis outbreak…this time from a West Virginia private clinic that is signed up with the Veteran’s Choice Program. There is a large VA Medical Center in Beckley so they may not get many referrals. (Veterans Choice Provider Locator Link).  Or maybe they do because I see only one MD board-certified in Cardiovascular Disease in their “Our Doctors” listing. 

The Associated Press (AP) reported on the recent problem at the Raleigh Heart Clinic in Beckley, WV.  Seems like the staff has been slacking off while administering cardiac stress tests and giving dirty injections.  heart hcv

wva2Image: kiedove

Unfortunately, Health Commissioner Dr. Gupta, has instructed the clinic to switch to modern jet injectors, renamed needless devices (LINK).  Not a good idea.  March 11 Letter (LINK);  TV VIDEO (LINK).

VISN 6 Newsletter (LINK) page 10 acknowledges Choice debt collection problems.

West Virginia has an estimated 116,000 uninsured non-elderly adults–which seems like a lot considering the state expanded Medicaid.  The expansion is 138% of the Federal Poverty Level: $16,242 gross income per year or $1,353 a month. (LINK). For someone who is working full-time, they gross $7.86 per hour.  The Kaiser Family Foundation research states that about 48% of the population are Medicaid eligible and 27% are ACA tax credit eligible; 25% are ineligible for reasons such as citizenship or income. (LINK).  So the state has a lot of work to do to get people signed up for health insurance.  There is no way West Virginians could pay for anti-viral treatments without it.


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10 Responses to Cardiac Stress Test HCV outbreak in WVA

  1. SPrice says:

    “Health Commissioner Dr. Gupta, has instructed the clinic to switch to modern jet injectors, renamed needless devices”

    I guess he forgot that the medication injected during a stress test is given INTRAVENOUSLY (in the vein) and jet injectors can inject subcutaneously, intramuscularly but NOT intravenously.

  2. SPrice says:

    No Dr Gupta, the risk wasn’t with the vials, it was with the idiot nurses who reused single use vials and needles when they knew they weren’t supposed to.

    • Kiedove says:

      gee–this site has two stories–Peacehealth/sleep apnea; North West, a surgical tech and drug diversion. Both in early stages of investigations. Thanks.

  3. …and all this occurred with all their ‘modern day’ wisdom, with all their ‘safety’ and ‘proper’ inoculation methods, wow… and back to the good ol’ jet gun, eh. History is repeating itself, so it seems.
    …just imagine how it was back in our day over 30 years ago…! As ol’ Jessie used to say, ‘they’re culling the herd.’

    • Longfellow Rogoczy says:

      While traveling from a Choice 40 Doctor in Bend, Oregon, for a SC problem. I heard a news report on OPB radio about an HCV breakout at a hospital in Longview, Washington. I don’t remember the numbers that were announced. But, it was enough to get my attention. This location is not too far from Asknod’s neighborhood.

      That area used to be big in the forestry industry. But, not anymore after all the spotted owls, granola chompers & tree huggers put a damper on it. Now, It has become more a tourist & retiree location.

      • Kiedove says:

        Will have to check that out. Thanks. I think there is a way that these cases can be used in current HCV claims as evidence if we can put together our own fact sheets….and as bad as these community outbreaks are, they pale in comparison with the military outbreaks. We’re talking tens of thousands of cases dispersed across the country and far flung places.

    • Kiedove says:

      To breakfast on the grass–Yup, “New and improved” sure…….

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