haditlogo2007Jerrel Cook called me while I was swamping out the stalls this evening and preparing to feed the monsters. This threw everything into a tailspin. Cooper and Kona have food rules and they don’t cotton to me yakking it up on the phone during their perceived Horsey Happy Hour. Beet pulp is served stirred, not shaken- and always on time. For the next 10 minutes I was double teamed with horse lips by the two until I relented and said goodbye. I ended up with three hickies.

Jerrel says we can talk about whatever we want to. Showtime is 1900 hrs Congressional Wasting Disease time (for you on the east coast) and 1600 Hrs on the Left Coast. Please feel free to call in with any questions. We’ll talk about a wide range of subjects and my new book.

The call in number is still the same.


The gal with the cute British accent will be answering and giving you prompts on getting on to the show. Christmas presents are optional again this year but we do accept donations in small, unmarked bills that are difficult to trace. We’ll give you the  P.O. drop box address tomorrow evening.


Welcome to Blawg Tawk rädio, ‘andsome.

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