Asknod's  VA Book LogoI’ve received a few calls asking what I’m up to because many of you are not seeing the usual number of posts here. Relax. I’m writing my new book and completing what was unwritten after my last BVA hearing in April 2011. As many know, I lost and had to go to the CAVC on appeal. There, the VA eventually discovered they were wrong. I traveled to DC again this January  for the Mother of all Extraordinary Writs of Mandamus and prevailed once again. 

The new book will be sold as a batch of chapters on the generalities (8) and then focus on individual disabilities with all the tips and tricks I have assembled to win them. Obviously, not all of you need to know about hammertoes or hemorrhoids. Some are going to want to know about the ins and outs of Special Monthly Compensation and filing Extraordinary Writs.

The book will be online only in a .pdf format. It will be sold through Amazon. You can pick and choose among the subjects to find the ones that are pertinent to your circumstances. I will try to keep them as cheap as possible. All proceeds will go to retire the debt on my first printed book which it seems everyone bought in the electronic format for the most part. If it turns into a best seller, we’ll donate anything we make to Fisher House. As most may remember, Cupcake was allowed to stay at the Seattle House for almost two months when it was touch and go in May-June 2009. For that, I owe them an eternal debt. 96% of their donations are plowed right back into the charity because they don’t need the money for exorbitant salaries and funny hats. They don’t have “alumni” other than the wives of Veterans. They don’t send you fancy hats for contributing. In fact, they don’t drown you in requests for more money once you donate.

I did scrounge through all my old photographs to find some period stuff from the war. All print and no color is boring. It surprises me what I managed to keep from over there all these years.

Here’s a sample chapter to get a feel for what’s on the horizon.

New Book Chapter 3- Evidence

This is one of the “basic” chapters rather than an in-depth chapter on a specific subject.

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4 Responses to ASKNOD NEW BOOK

  1. Gary says:

    Begging that in your new book you have a lengthy appendix of important CVAC decisions explained in 2 syllable words exactly what they mean and why that is important. If it is not something that is going to be in the book what would your hourly rate be for constructing such a list 🙂

  2. Crisco says:

    Cant wait!

  3. Gary Butler says:

    I bought a hard copy… Electronic copies are hard to underline, highlight and really hard to bend the corners…

    • asknod says:

      That was the first book, Gary. The new one will be electronic but you can print it out to write on it or underline stuff. One thing is going to become obvious soon. If you don’t have computer skills like a lot of the Vietnam era folks, you’re going to be at a distinct disadvantage. I put a big dose of “how to” on that in Chapter one.

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