CaptureReceived this through the NOVA circuit yesterday. Those of you filing for AO presumptives on Parkinson’s Disease for yourselves or your loved ones should have Johnny Vet examined for Lewy bodies. These nasty little blobs of protein deposits develop and lodge in the nerve cells of your brain and cause you to have Alzheimer-like dementia and far more. The classic hallmark identified is usually the onset of vivid hallucinations. Put this on the to-do list on the next physical if you have been diagnosed with PD.

Agents Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, White and Purple were a gift to warfare that we are now coming to realize has lasting consequences. Parkinson’s was added to the burgeoning list in 2010. With the sure knowledge that Lewy bodies will be co-travelers, filing for future claims should include this automatically. It may take a while for VA to add it to the list but when they do, the earliest filing for it establishes the effective date of your claim.


Agent Tang- Don’t start a war without it

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  1. John King says:

    I had early signs of DMII and PN before the VA officially added DMII to the AO list. Nobody at the VA told me to file anything. When I had some signs of CAD I filed a secondary claim to AO exposure long before the VA included CAD/IHD to the AO list. I got sc’ed for these things years before they were added to the AO list. I think if I developed any type of cancer I would file a claim based on AO exposure. I am thinking I got a lot of tropical sun exposure as a lad of 19-20 in Nam. If I develop skin cancer I am going to file an AO claim even though I know it will get denied. I already have first signs of skin cancer on my face, ears, neck and forearms. These are the areas that were most exposed to tropical rays. Of course, I live in Florida but I was never a person who tried to get a tan because of Irish ancestry I don’t really get brown. I stayed out of the sun as much as I could. Yes, that is considered weird for Floridians, but if you spend your days in Florida sun you will add 20 years to your apparent age and you skin will look like hell by the age of 40. Anyway, if I get any major disease I will take the time to file a VA claim based on AO exposure and let the chips fall.

  2. John King says:

    I am thinking that RVN vets should probably file for AO claims for all cancers and other killer diseases because unless the VA just stops finding any new links to disease from AO everything is going to be linked to AO exposure eventually. Most of us won’t live to see these links but maybe our spouses will if they are paying attention.

    • asknod says:

      You’re very right. My wife was the one who spotted Porphyria in the news(1991) and told me. I zoomed down to VAMC and did the AO registry labs. Apparently, they had cancelled my appt. for all this but neglected to call me. They never called me back to the do the rescheduled intake physical as they promised. Must have been one of those Phoenix scheduling snafus back in 1991. VA shit happens.

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