CaptureAfter all these years, I finally found out the real reason why they put those tail hooks on the Navy’s  aircraft. Sure, they use it to land sometimes when they’re not paying attention and come in way too fast. I get that. They couldn’t qualify as Air Force fighter pilots so they had to go somewhere. My daddy used to say there was always a job for the milk truck drivers if they don’t qualify at the Indianapolis Speedway. 

Nevertheless, I had no idea they were so meticulous and clean aboard ship. My respect for the support personnel who service and clean the A/C went up about one hundredfold when LawBob Squarepants emailed me this photo. Who would have thought they wash off their aircraft completely after each use and hang them out to dry? Amazing. Their dedication to their work should be an inspiration to all the military services.


Apparently the pitot tube was exceptionally dirty on this one


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