Welcome to the voting booth. I trust you all to vote once so I don’t have to hang cookies all over it and keep out all you Vets from Chicago that died during the Civil War. I am not interested in why you voted or for whom. Some candidates are far more Veteran-centric than others. Amen. To be frank, I’m not terribly enchanted with very many of them.

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  1. John King says:

    Considering what happened in Paris I think Americans will vote for a war hawk. What happened in Paris probably will happen in the USA. People will conclude it is better to fight ISIS in Syria rather than in New York City. All it takes is maybe 5-10 people armed with suicide vests and automatic weapons who are prepared to die and those people can shut down any American city. I bet gun sales will go straight up even if they catch and kill everyone involved in the Paris attack. Fear is worldwide via CNN.

    • asknod says:

      I guess the obvious question, John, is “If guns are all but outlawed in France, how could this happen?” Next would be how could 5 AK-wielding terrorists with 30 rds in the magazine at any given time manage to execute 100 French folks? What happened to the Todd Beamer gene that made 5 Americans storm the cockpit of Flight 93 and end the hijacking? Surely ten Frenchmen could gang rush one terrorist and take his 47 away. Instead, they curled up, covered their heads and waited to die. Each terrorist killed 20 people. That means each had to reload at least once. Very sad.

      As a follow-on, if this happens between now and next November here in America, it will doom the hopes of some contenders who insist on importing refugees from Syria.

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