635646931319099161-veterans-administration-logoHere’s a wrinkle. DAV reps Johnny Vet for HCV and cirrhosis. Way back in 2003, he told his VA gastrodoc about his concerns of jetguns being the risk factor. Bingo. An antique pseudonexus saves the day in 2011 when the VA doc dutifully writes a concise, bulletproof nexus. Meanwhile, a VA examiner who has never set eyes on this guy begins blowing bubbles in 2012 and twice again in 2014 that it can’t possibly be due to a jetgun but instead is due to being extremely trashed or hammered. While we all would like to believe alcoholism leads to all manner of social ills like bad breath,  divorce. losing custody of the kids and the like, we would have a hard time pointing to it as a seminal cause of Hepatitis C.


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