vet pumpkinIt’s the Thorazine-and a lot more. Remember the old Coors commercial? I give  VAMC Tomah high marks for wanting to increase their morale. Très expensive but still cheaper than SES moving costs from DC to Philly. All I have is images of patients futilely pushing their call buttons and being ignored for hours. I experienced that first hand in 2009-10 during my VAMC Seattle staycation.

A big thank you to Ben Krause of for his cutting edge journalism. Onward through the blog.

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  1. jon s says:

    This is what happens when you shut down your inpatient Psych unit. Government employees, skilled only in vocational and recreational re-hab. What are they suppose to do with their time? My last headcount {info taken from Tomah webpage} indicated 36 of the 57 listed providers were in the mental and behavioral health field. The backstory is that this hospital is transitioning to a medical care {as apposed to psych care} facility. So far they have cut the hours for urgent care and sent out flyers indicating what they cannot due in terms of providing medical services. And yet we keep hearing about the new and improved VA. What a crock!

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