Win or Die VAYeppers. Can you imagine that? I asked for a copy of my c-file back in 2013 to prepare for the inevitable fight at the BVA . VA sent it to LawBob “Squarepants” Walsh. I get that. Why they have never mailed him anything before at all is certainly up there for conjecture though.


Anyway. knowing this would be a Kodak moment, I got out the tape measure. Bob and I sure didn’t expect it to be anything more than a CD.

c-file 10-27-20115

e 45 inches hghc-file

Five boxes @ 21.5 lbs each and the complete right flap of VR&E records came to 108.5 lbs total and it only took 21 years, five months and 4 days. Bravo, VA. I’ve been VBMS’d.

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  1. clearleft says:

    “Who Loves ya baby?” …. UPS

    pop smoke

  2. Vicki Foley says:

    RO to Alex: “Ya want yer stuff digitized? Here ya go, get a neat scanner and do it yerself…”

  3. Beth Christy says:

    Congratulations on receiving the file. I’m still waiting for my brothers 20 years and counting, and appeal #5, but we aren’t giving up. Is there a new or improved (ha ha) method to request the c-file? My brother did 3 tours in VN between ’63-’75 . So far I’ve had to prove he was there (isn’t that what the DD214 is for?), that he experienced a “traumatic event” (really – who reviews this stuff) and now after waiting 2 years on the NOD, they want more. We gave up on AO and all the junk he suffers from that. Just trying to get him PTSD at 100% and the effective date is stupid (like he woke up one day on 2012 and poof PTSD was there) I see why folks give up, and I’m here to tell you DONT EVER GIVE UP. My brother now 72, is in poor health with 24/7 care in my home (that VA is fighting paying for the max 28 hours a week). But anyway, need to get that c-file so any suggestions are welcome!

    • asknod says:

      The latest rage Vets are now using is the Form 21-3288. Send it in to one of the two places for filing anything (Janesville Wisconsin or Newnan Georgia) I put in for a fellow neighbor’s c-file in early fall 2013 and finally got it in March 2014.

  4. azeejensmom says:

    When Tombo’s file arrived from the same VARO (6 gigantic Manila envelopes) there were holes ripped in the envelopes, some had postage on them, some didn’t, and most were held together with rubber bands.

    Sort of metaphoric pertaining to the handling of his claim. We envision it was ripped, torn, shoved in a trash can underneath someone’s desk way in back of a dark dusty, musty room filled with paper clips and rubber bands forgotten but not gone. Eight years later and now rated at 160% with additional work to be done, his claim file is nice and organized and all I did was throw the ripped envelopes into recycling.

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