200-c1935_1509312a_Deed_Pa-FrontImagine being caught doing some of the dumbest things imaginable like killing Veterans through inaction. Follow up on that boner and ask for bonuses. Done. Imagine getting demoted without losing any pay and collecting $120 K + for passing Go! on your way from DC Place to Pennsylvania Ave. Hell, why imagine? It happens every day down on the corner of Vermin Avenue and Idiot Street NW in glorious 3D color and very low definition. But wait. There’s more.

Maple syrup Frank, intent as usual on finding anything down and dirty on the VA, found this gem the other day. I applaud him. This is once more proof that these folks are out of control. With money scarcer that fine French 64 claret from the Pauillac commune, they are squandering it on artwork. You have to rethink the tub of water (VA funding) being all one water like the ocean to appreciate they are stealing from the beleaguered Denver VAMC to placate bent brain folks in Palo Alto. It’s only a piddling $1.7 million to VA.  To them, it constitutes a unique lake within a larger ocean and in no way impacts VA’s bottom line financially. That kind of logic ain’t gonna ever put a dent in the Denver black hole. You also have to think of it as siphoning money away from treating all us tens of thousands of Veterans with Hepatitis C who desperately need $168 K worth of medications to save our lives. Every dollar squandered in a time of such desperate need is further proof of an Agency run amok and out of touch with those it purports to represent and serve.

thHey, everybody likes a little art. Maybe we could hire Steve Martin to do animal balloons on a tour. How about Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band at all the major VAMCs like the old USO shows at Udorn? But pissing away $1.6 million on your brother-in-law’s landscaping company and your sister, the artist-wannabee who loves huge rocks is not what the VA does when they are in the doghouse for murdering Vets by their indifference. The union has Big Mac so tied up in knots he can’t fire the janitor. Meanwhile, his underlings are firing and/or demoting GS-11 whistleblowers right and left.


meant to evoke “a sense of transformation, rebuilding and self-investigation”

So finding out that they are diverting much-needed funding for more doctors and nurses into art, we should expect them to double down and declare the 2015  VA Human Resources Retreat and Karaoke Competition will be held in Papeete, Tahiti this November 30-December 7th.  Believe it or not, Hilton is rumored to be offering them a smashingly good deal on the rooms and AussieAir probably has a regularly scheduled Airbus A390 out of Dulles daily that seats 704. Honest. It may look queer but its legit. We checked. In fact, the return flight stops in Honolulu for several days and the Pearl Harbor festivities will be in full swing for our dedicated Veterans Administration employees. The Hawaiian leg can be included in the price of the trip for a few pennies more incidentally. Two birds with one stone as it were.


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  1. clearleft says:

    Now hold on just a minute here. I’ve been to the 12 week inpatient Palo Alto Bent Brain Retreat so I think I’m qualified to comment on the two works of ‘art’.
    1st I’d like to say I think the Big ole rock is not a work of art, but rather just another employee. I had many conversations with other clinical employees there and I could swear that big ole rock was there in Oct 2011 and was of those with which I conversed.
    2nd The Braille is also appropriate because those who are not rocks are blind as bats at high noon.
    Unfortunately my 12 weeks of 3 hots and a cot was shortened by 11 weeks 4 days because I couldn’t speak rock or read braille and checked out AMA.
    Just my 2 cents.

    I see Banana Smoke

  2. Kiedove says:

    This is so nuts. If the VA’s hospital and clinic would in various locations would request donations of artworks from local artists and crafts people, they would willingly oblige. True, they might be of something that people could actually RELATE to, like regional landscapes, or seascapes, etc…but those might not be elite enough for the egos of the VA administrators.

  3. mark says:

    There all Part of a Huge Satanic Cult, what is more Antichrist then to Kill Vets and withhold Treatment, and spend the Money on a Big Rock To There God of This World.

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