Breakfast with Cupcake

Breakfast on the bay.

I apologize for my tardy posting of this magnificent event. Cupcake and I had to rush home and prepare for the Hugfest 2015 event which we’d scheduled way back in June-long before Bruce invited me to speak in San Diego. Hence, we were hard-pressed to get home and clean up the hacienda for the deluge of HCVeterans that happened two days later.

Attached here are a few of the memorable events we attended but by no means all of them. I’m hoping others in the VDA can send me some of their pictures to include in a future post. I don’t do selfies or Veterans parades so you usually do not find pictures of me here on the blog.

Deb and I did the USS Midway, anchored several blocks from the hotel. The 0-1, Huey and Spad (A-1 D) brought back old memories. Many are the years I have tried to explain what a MK 82 was to Cupcake and some of the possible versions of it. Here, it was all in glorious color and a veritable show and tell.

0-1 with bogus markings

Navy’s version of a 0-1 Birddog.

Cupcake with Aim 9 Sidewinders

Cupcake leaning on AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles

Huey gunship

Huey Gunship. I don’t think the Navy owned any but they look good with Navy insignia.

H-34 chopper just like AirAm's

Sikorsky H-34 just like AirAm’s

F-4 with MK 82 prox fuses

F-4 D with MK 82 proximity fused

And last but not least, the Great Big Dinner with the Winners.

The great big Dinner

More Big Dinner

The Big Dinner Party (2)

I’d like to thank Mike, Steve and Richard for making our welcome a warm one. If they do it in Florida next year, we’ll be there.

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  1. NeaL says:

    It was good to meet you and cupcake. Look forward to next year.

  2. hepper74 says:

    Hope everyone had a great time. When does the greenhouse arrive?

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