Vantage PointOver the years, I wondered how long hiding behind would be necessary. When I ‘called Bob’ last September to rescue me, I actually pointed out my blog and a link to it in case he or his little people wanted to research a case study in how not to adjudicate a VA claim. Having a bully pulpit of sorts gives you name recognition-eventually. Today, after numerous hits from a VA Vantage Point article and a heads up from several observant members, I discovered one Mr. David Tomko had attached a link to the article about my good friend and neighbor Butch Long.

Capture 1

Jason D.

Boy, howdy. That went over like screen doors in submarines. The resultant ill will and uproar toward VA apologist and head firefighter Jason D. NLN (no last name) drafted to contain this was deafening. It’s still pouring in this morning-several days later.

What you will see in the following screen shots is a masterful containment strategy that rivals the spoof film Wag The Dog starring Robert DeNiro. It’s funny how the author prefers anonymity-as do all who work at the VBA.  I share a few of these vignettes as they are priceless.

Jason D. VA Apologist

Does that sound like a blogger? A naive Vet trying to help another? A VSO? How about a VA Examiner?

Jason D. VA fact checker

Scanned-image“Hey, my name’s Jason D. and I’m one of you, guys. VA loves you.” In what alternative universe paralleling ours does the VA grant 70% of claims? True, they do eventually after a ten-year fight but I’m the 21-year old poster child on the telephone pole that refutes this. Butch is now the Poster child for HOW they deny you-in record numbers and in record time using the new VBMS technique. Here, Jason just admitted he works for the Veterans Benefits Administration and does this for a living. I wonder if VA gives him time off to come over to the Vantage Point to spew his propaganda.

Which brings us to censorship. Having observed the Referrers machine revving up with hits on my site,Capture 22 I went to the VP blog and finally found this from Mr. David Tomko. I do not know, nor have I ever met or communicated with Mr. Tomko. Apparently he found us all by himself. I apologize that my snipping device is limited to the on-screen image so I grabbed the beginning and the end of his dialogue needed to enunciate my discussion. I urge you to read the rest. Mr. Tomko is an informed individual.

David Tomko post 1David Tomko post 2That got the ball rolling. I decided to chime in and tell the truth. I’m ecstatic about how VA is prosecuting my claim. After 21 years and some change, I got more bang out of a $50 ticket to the CAVC than I can describe. 45 days to a complete resolution-or damn near. I want VA to know I’m appreciative so I told them as much. VA needs some good PR and I am more than willing to provide it.

Asknod post on hold

When I went on the site today-almost 16 hours later, I noticed it was still “awaiting moderation”. To confirm others were also awaiting this same treatment, I perused every comment posted. Lo and behold, down at the very bottom of the comments are a plethora of new ones submitted and already moderated-and published. What can this mean?

Last post at the bottom 8-28






Jason NLN now finds himself in a sticky wicket. Publish it and reveal even more VA lies or worse- publish it and allow VA readers to see a Veterans site that doesn’t blow bubbles like YUKU’s “VA-centric” site where their trolls advise you to fold up the claims tent and go home.

Capture 33

left click to enlarge

It’s fairly clear that if it’s still in moderation by this evening, VA knows who and what the asknod site represents. I don’t doubt it for a minute. I painted a target on my shirt when I set out to write my book. I expected no less. Relinquishing my anonymity was a given after winning the substantial portion of my fight at the CAVC. One thing I didn’t foresee was blatant censorship for all to witness nor the tarring and feathering of my friends and fellow combat Veterans such as Butch.

I had a long heart to heart talk with the wizard who works for Congressman Kilmer and have been assured Butch’s predicament will be swiftly revoked and the C&P exams promptly rescheduled. Most importantly, folks, the fact that VA fears us and our potential for wreaking havoc on the claims system with good advice is a harbinger of things to come. Censorship comes with a host of unwanted baggage. One is that we have the irrefutable evidence and are not afraid to tell you. Another is that VA is not above deploying it to squelch what we all know about the backlog. The timing of Butch’s denial letter and VA’s announcement that they under 100,000 claims is eerie.


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  1. anglersd says:

    so sorry if I commented multiple times, I’m new to this one but slowly getting it figured out!

  2. Kathy Levesque says:

    Old Medic is such a DIC….I really hate the way he answers some of the Vets.

  3. USMC VET says:

    I was really turned off by YUKU. I was hit with a reduction and was searching for help. after explaining my situation, that it was my fault because i held back in a C&P due to fear of losing my job and being locked in the mental ward for the exam itself which freaked me out, I asked how can i help myself, the VA wasnt wrong per say to seek a reduction, i brought it on myself but what can do so that i can provide them what they need to see it was not indicative of my overall health. What i got back was ‘if you dont deserve it they shouldnt give it to you’ and ‘they will rate it correctly’. my god, if i hadnt found hadit i would be sitting with 20% less overall combined rating by taking their advice of just relying on the VA’s omnipotent understanding of me as a individual and to just let the raters figure it out. What a joke

    • anglersd says:

      Here’s something that will make you feel better! I assume the ole medic told you this and don’t pay any attn. to him cuz he is NO better. He sued the va on an 1151 claim because of his negligence but blamed it on the va dr’s. it took his buddy mr malpractice atty. to call higher ups with a threat. Want proof? I have it! VBN sux and I have NOOO respect for them people over there!

  4. USMC VET says:

    Sir, look slike they finally approved your post!

    • asknod says:

      Never call me sir. I served as an enlisted airman. You are right. I just spotted it. Seems it probably had to go upstairs to Jason’s boss for ‘vetting’ as to appropriateness of content. Just like VA! It only took three days to approve it.

      • USMC VET says:

        par for the course, 3 days to approve a comment 3 years to revers a bad decision

          • USMC VET says:

            When you posted and mentioned “writ” the guy that asked what it was (and you responded) i had responded as well pointing him to your site, your posts on it as well as links to hadit posts you wrote about it. going back to VA Vantage it no longer even is listed as “pending” just gone now. I love it!

  5. dknees4 says:

    Asknod at the ready…………with Stir stick in hand…!!

  6. rd murphy says:

    Old Medic, just another name for VA TROLL

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