th (1)In a nod to the growing chorus of voices denouncing slavery and racism, President Obama signed an Executive Order yesterday directing the  D.C. Parks Commission to begin immediate destruction and removal of the Jefferson Memorial. “Many feel the Memorial glorifies slave ownership and prevents us as a Nation from moving past our inglorious past.”  the President said adding it stands for values Americans no longer respect or condone.

In conjunction with this move, government officials are taking an inventory of anything on Government property that signifies acquiescence to racism-both blatant and subtle. Many statues in southern states will be similarly slated for destruction or removal if they reside on federal property. Failing that, state and municipal governments will be coerced into removing them under threats of reduced federal spending.

th (2)Memphis, Tennessee mayor A.C. Wharton and his city council made the first overture and voted to remove a statue of General Nathan Bedford Forrest who epitomizes racism via his participation in the Ku Klux Klan. Not satisfied with that, they also propose digging him and his wife up and moving them out of the town square. Where they will end up is anyone’s guess.

The Very Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were on hand for the signing ceremony yesterday in the Rose Garden and wholeheartedly endorsed the President’s decision. Many feel these actions are long overdue and the removal will only strengthen ties between African Americans and white folks. We applaud the removal of the Confederate Battle flag from the Statehouse grounds in Columbia, South Carolina on Friday. It’s removal across the south and any last vestiges of the Confederacy are expected to completely eliminate racism as we now know it according to the President.

Amid rumors that Mississippi will be excommunicated from the United States soon over their continued use of this contentious symbol of racism, state legislators there are hurriedly making plans to convene and choose a new flag. Several selections have been vetted and the unanimous choice appears to be one that everyone can identify with…

th (3)

Proposed new State flag for Mississippi.

P.S. This post is meant as humor. No one here at asknod is racist or believes for a minute that what is afoot across the south is uncalled for. The Confederacy was a statement about states’ rights versus federal rights. That disagreement has been settled and it’s time to move on. As for contentious flags or statues, we find these talismans and touchstones to be innocuous at best and an argument looking for a place to happen in their worst context. It is sad to see Americans at odds with one another over something that no longer exists. My son best exemplified this as “Cry me a river, build me a bridge and let’s get over it.” If the removal of the flag would save one life, it would be worth it. As for tearing down statues and monuments, I don’t see the correlation. I guess I personally would sum it up as a futile gesture to appease the political correctness that infects society these days. However, it does seem to be all the rage.  My concern is that some day it will be unlawful to have it (a Confederate flag decal) in your rear window. For the record, I don’t nor do I even own one. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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  1. steve says:

    Soon the obama administration will be tackling the longstanding pants sagging problem.. They are calling it the APSI… Anti Pants Sagging Initiative.. There will be a coupon mailed out with the new Govt free phones good for one free belt at participating retailers .. For those hell bent on sagging and absolutely refuse to belt up, the coupon can instead be used for a brand new pair of drawers.,.,
    NOBODY should be forced to sag with dirty unmentionables.. !!!!
    and I thought we had it going on in the 80s with parachute pants!!!
    And the 70s had the platform shoes, bell bottoms, and butterfly shirt collars..
    I guess sagging, (which in prison signifies a inmate is a homosectual, and is ” game” is the new SUPERFLY!!

  2. Paul says:

    Well I guess the Don’t tread on me flag will have to go , just like the female Gen At PI for trying to make Marines, heck I know if I was A recruit and complained about our base Commander I still be laying under the Barricks , This whole PC is just way out of hand , I grew up in D C went to DC schools , had many friends of color , what the H is going on I did read somewhere today that they want to ban anyone from the stars and bars , and make it a crime if you Display it , man it’s way to crazzy , if one really wants to get into slavery look at what’s going on with ISIS in Middle East or around the world , someone should let the cat out of the bag on slave trade from Islam Out of Africa now that is also a sad part of history

  3. Jon Schmidt says:


  4. clearleft says:

    don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been..
    that’s all I’m gonna say bout that.

  5. dknees4 says:


  6. John King says:

    All my ancestors were confederates and this kind of response is over the top. I think 8-9 of our presidents were slave owners and most of the founding fathers owned slaves at one time or another including John Adams. Digging up every confederate is not going to solve the race problem in this country. I joined Sons of Confederate Veterans because my ancestors were very young men when they were drafted or enlisted in Georgia Infantry and they suffered the consequences. All were disabled due to the war. Slavery is no longer the issue and neither is the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. This is just a slogan because the real issues are hard and expensive to fix if they are fixable at all.

  7. Ed D says:

    Obama also signed an executive order to remove the Washington Monument, as Geo. Washington was a slave owner. Shortly thereafter, Obama signed another executive order removing one-half of himself because whites owned slaves.

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