kittyOver the last four years since my feral kitty Ambush rolled in on Labor Day 2011, I have noticed her frequently hanging around what is called a D-box or distribution box that contains valves to regulate the amount of water injected into our septic drainfield. I piled a large number of rocks adjacent to it to keep the horses from stepping on it and breaking it. I figured it was one of those feng shui things where cats find that perfect place to meditate.

I have also noticed Ambush has an inordinate number of mice friends that come over for play dates on sunny days. For the most part, they don’t survive the encounter but I’ve never understood why she has so many for friends in spite of her lethal roughhousing with them. Seems they’d learn it was deleterious to their health and warn their friends to steer clear. She has a distressing habit akin to the Queen of Hearts in the Alice in Wonderland saga-Off with their heads.

DSC01256While out scooping poop the other day, I spotted some of my Cooper Horse’s mane I had recently trimmed to make his bridle sit more comfortably on his noggin. It had migrated 40 yards down to the d-box. Curious, I opened it up and Voila! The mouse house. Seems Ambush just has to sit there for a while until the mice come out to play. It’s user friendly. No buttons to push. I can only presume she thinks this is the smartest invention since sliced bread. Why spend hours lying in wait for the Meadowlarks who nest in the the barn to make the fatal flaw of flying past her too closely when she can merely stroll down to the mouse dispenser in the lower pasture and wait for her playmates to issue forth?

the mouse dispenser

the mouse dispenser

The mouse house:

The mouse house

The mouse house

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  1. Ron says:

    Blackcats: 282 Assault Helicopter Company, Da Nang, Vietnam. They were supported by a helicopter gunship platoon called the Alleycats. Ambush reminded me of the Blackcat’s Company Patch.

    Asked, please keep posting. You are assisting a lot of Disabled Veterans!

    I’ve seen your cat, wheres your dog?

    • asknod says:

      Molly had a heart attack on March 6th, 2014 and passed peacefully in her sleep. She’s the first one I’ve ever tried CPR on but to no avail. Still have wife’s standard poodle Shadow (black, of course) and just inherited my son’s min-pin Widget. Rumor is we’re slated to become the home of Harvey, an Australian frisbee dog whose owner is going to college soon. Two horses and a 46 year old parrot. Another dog I do not need. As for support, we always considered Dustoff our most important support after SAR. Keep your head down and take the F-ing tracers out of your clip to enjoy long life.

  2. Ron says:

    Wow, Ambush looks wicked enough to have flown with the Black Cats out of Marble Mountain Da Nang. Always enjoy your Blog.

    • asknod says:

      Were those the guys flying the old $119 gunships? I saw one in May 70 up at Udorn that caught a 37mm AA direct hit in the left wing. It amputated it just past the engine nacelle.

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