635646931319099161-veterans-administration-logoWe are finally getting traction on this after twenty years of filing it under willful misconduct. Considering VA takes it upon themselves to make this determination, legally they are precluded from it. A UCMJ court or nonjudicial punishment while you were in might be grounds for willful misconduct but it is a determination made by military folks-not VA. Conversely, the military cannot enter the picture after separation and try to dissuade the VA from granting you service connection for anything. Why would it work in reverse?  

I’m not sure what battles he fought in that gave him the SC for PTSD but that’s not my call. Military Sexual trauma is a known fact-both female and male.  Getting Hep C from PTSD is readily considered as a known risk factor. Read and heed Brad. More ammo for your claim.

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  1. on July 15, 1970 went out of service in September 10, 1970 when to the VA Hospital with abdominal pain, the diagnosis was hepatitis with moderate activity. I file for C & P they denied. They said in service records do not show the condition I been figthing for 40 Years with the VA. What can i do? any idea?

    thank you

  2. Kiedove says:

    Interesting: “approximately 1 percent of blood donors in the United States have antibody to the hepatitis C virus,”

  3. John King says:

    What would be mechanism for PTSD leading to Hep C? Would it be risk taking behavior or suicidal behavior under guise of just risk taking? God only knows how many single car crashes by vets with PTSD were suicides. Death by cop also from PTSD.

    • Kiedove says:

      Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. No sense that they have a future and can’t
      imagine a good one if they can do any planning. Why some folks with PTSD also go into debt.

    • asknod says:

      Very simple medicate yourself with all manner of drugs. Intravenous injection of drugs often is the cause of HCV-ergo PTSD= HCV.

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