VeteransAdministration.12755109_stdYeppers, just like the Chinese dry cleaners, our Johnny Vet tries to hire a $1.395 nexus writer and ends up losing his claim. This was a disaster and I’m ashamed to note he had a real law dog representing him. Apparently, Mr. Peter J. Meadows hasn’t read my Nexus letter brief and advice. Either that or Johnny Vet arrived with this baggage and Mr. Meadows blithely accepted it as viable medical evidence in favor of the claim.

It also doesn’t help when you try to smuggle in a nexus authored by someone with .HRC, ADD, MSc, CRSC, PRc, et cetera. If there is no nursing degree, no PA-C, no MD or ARPN, it’s ND (no dice) for VA. Of course, they are free to use a CNA to opine on a brain aneurysm cogently even if they can’t spell it.

Just remember. Submit the nexus but make sure the doc has read the contemporaneous records from service (STRs) and explains why he feels what he does. I really hate to see these because the poor Vet is going to have to head back to the barn and start all over. There’s not much to salvage here.

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