sylvia PriceAs many know, our famous nurse Sylvia Price has scored the ultimate eBay item. Yeppers. HCVets has it’s own jetgun now and all those skanky manuals that went with it. The revelations that are going to come out now will seriously compromise years of VA intransigence and insistence that these inoculation devices were clean and pure as the driven snow. 

Here’s a sampling of the new and material evidence that will be available soon to all Vets and their attorneys to rebut the insidious lies and the attempted rebuttal in the 2004 FAST Letter that opened the can of worms we still have today. As soon as Sylvia can fetch me a manual for reproduction, we’ll try to get it up in a word-searchable .pdf here if possible.

This is going to bust decades of VA HCV jurisprudence and reveal it for what it was-junk science to avoid paying Veterans their due for unsanitary inoculation practices.


eBay find

IMG_2957 (1)

Das Gun



“How-to” on sanitary protocols


Documents we were never supposed to see.





Foot-operated model. Pedal is inside the carrying case. If you stepped in dog poo and used the foot pedal, you in essence contaminated the carrying case including the jetgun. Brilliant. Now think of stepping in blood on the floor from some nervous recruit who flinched, and you have the perfect path to introduce HCV inside the case (and on the gun).

IMG_2961 (1)

Unsterility at it’s worst.




replacement nozzles in case of sterility failure (blood)


Repair parts for jetgun


Extra nostril for gun in repair parts box.


Sanitary parts repair tool.

IMG_2958 (1)

Slow death at 1400 psi


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  1. Kiedove says:

    Brilliant. The force is with us. Go Sylvia and HCVets!

  2. SPrice says:

    I’m thinking that close-up of the jetgun is worthy of Newsweek.

  3. azeejensmom says:

    Most excellent l!

  4. hepper74 says:

    I was so hoping that this day would come that I am drooling on myself. Not because I need the gun to prove where my infection came from but from what an independent lab can do for so many others who had this device from hell used on them. I will be willing to pay half the cost of getting the lab to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is more than plausible. Now we have the artillery to take that VA encampment. Forward ho!

    • Kiedove says:

      So true.

    • SPrice says:

      Finding the jet gun has allowed us to see all the things that were wrong with it. We finally figured out that there was splash back on every single injection. We also found out that the gun was supposed to have a filter at the end of the needle hub behind the vaccine vial. Something we had always missed until we got the manual.

      All the time I spent on eBay bidding for bootcamp books payed off too. We now have a huge collection of pictures from the training books showing all the jet guns were missing the filter when they were used to immunize you. That’s a 100% risk of gun and vaccine contamination, improper assembly and use of the gun.

  5. mark says:

    I hope she checks that gun, I bet its Dirty, Let the Games Begin

    • Kiedove says:

      Lock it in a vault….

    • SPrice says:

      Mark, that would prove nothing. They can say I contaminated it or it somehow got contaminated during all these years since we don’t know where it’s been.

      But I have a brand new one in the original box. It will be even better proving backsplash and contamination with a new gun. We just need to find a doctor willing to do it.

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