Picture taken outside the Capitol of disgruntled donkeys leaving the Senate last week

Picture taken outside the Capitol of disgruntled donkeys leaving the Senate last week

I apologize for allowing all this valuable social media to crop up on my desktop but the Writ of Extraordinary pissed offness set me back chronologically. Therefore, subscribing to the better-late-than-never school of thought, I immediately disgorge the backlog of humor.

Life is too short to be deprived of these gems. As usual, not everyone can be accommodated. Due to excessive political incorrectness and a policy of G-rating shaded slightly to the R side, I  was forced to weed out several that might give the impression I was slanted politically. I remain a stalwart free-thinker and possibly a Libertarian. I am not, however, a member of any preconceived political school of thought.  Whatever Congress has not abrogated to themselves, I feel is a state’s right. They’ve had over two hundred years to get it right by now. Arriving at this late date with new Second Amendment interpretations of what a “militia” is seems like sour grapes. We at asknod also look forward to the plethora of Jeb Bush jokes soon to begin populating the internet should he foolishly throw his hat in the ring. We wonder how much bad press will suddenly surface about his days as Florida’s First Imam back in the days. Ignore the D’s and R’s and revel in the sheer humor.



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Humor is essential and helps build strong psyches 12 different ways. It’s been proven to cause hernias from excessive laughter. Santa was not harmed in the filming of these pictures. Any resemblance to you or your pets is purely coincidental. No rights reserved.





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