imagesAs per the game plan, after firmly sticking my foot in the door at 625 Wagonburner Lane NW, I summoned my faithful sidekick LawBob Squarepants-he of the juris doctor persuasion. He converses much better in VAspeak than I could ever hope to. With the introduction of his representation, old Judge Davis is actually going to have to handle this above board. I’m sure he was envisioning a quick trip on the Shortline Railroad over to the BVA where they could JMR it to death. No such luck. This baby is airborne with impressive credentials now. 

Capture 111

Nothing like sneaking in to the CAVC on a Saturday and leaving a surprise for the Tuesday morning three-day weekend. Revenge, in this case, is a dish best served right before a hangover. Happy Martin Luther Day,  Mizz Bradley.  The LawBob is my shepherd. I shall not want.

The Birth of a Writ Series continues here:

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