Capture44In a stunning turnaround in less than two shakes of a lamb’s tail, the Philadelphia VARO reversed course and took back the unthinkable-$15,000.00 “team bonuses” for those stalwart raters who would stay the course at their desks, through thick and thin, to reduce the stupendous backlog. Even offers of personally sending out for Starbucks® Double Vanilla Mocha and Chinese from Mann’s was met with a polite “no thank you” by raters. Yeah. Right. In your dreams, jelly beans. 

Actually, they were all gung ho until the Washington Times’ Jacqueline Klimas spilled the jelly beans. Only then did ratings crews evince a desire to backtrack out of their former enthusiasm to embrace the new program. Funny how that works.

Can you imagine a VA DRO saying ‘Well, you know my crew and I talked it over and we were  totally on board with this because Veterans, as stakeholders, would benefit immensely. Several team members then voiced their worries that it might be disadvantageous, and maybe even adversarial, to even consider trying to speed up what is a very, very difficult process under the best of circumstances. We consider the Vet first and worry that haste might result in an error. None of us could live with that on our conscience.”  Who’s been sneaking off to Denver and smoking what-and how much?

Philadelphia VA ratings team members discussing the pros and cons of $15 K bonuses.

Philadelphia VA ratings team members discussing the pros and cons of $15 K bonuses (on break).

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  1. Karen S. says:

    A year? St Pete RO is 2 years and 2,000 appeals behind!

  2. steve says:

    VA employees getting bonuses makes about as much sense as promoting a captain whose ship is sinking.

    • asknod says:

      Welcome to VA. Shoot the whistleblower and get a promotion. Kill 40 Vets and get a $28 K bonus. Ass backwards, huh?

      • John says:

        John says:
        January 18, 2015 at 21:56
        Ok you tell me what you make out of this one after 9 yrs and going to the BVA and CAVC not once but twice both courts I won my benefits .The problem is I should of been 100% PT because during this long battle my condition got worse .So in Oct 2013 the VA Granted all 4 issues on appeal .But wait! They did’nt rated correctly for functional loss , pain on motion etc.10% additional ratings were not even factored in the rating all I was shortchanged on incapacitated episodes at 40% rating instead of the 60% rating.

        Now I don’t want to get into great details but let’s fast-forward to the current time so we immediately appeal the grant from October 2013 in February 2014 for higher rating on three out of the four issues that were granted including a new claim for migraine headaches. That were documented in my military service records nine times in the mid-70s.

        Now we haven’t heard anything from that time until October 17, 2014 after making many calls to the VA we receive shortly after the SOC or statement of the case problem with this is it was the same evidence that was use for my initial claims even though I had a independent medical expert examination in August 2014 not only did he address the current issues that our on appeal he also added new issues and secondaries issues that were related to my service-connected conditions that I currently been granted for and gave me a Nexus stating that these and other conditions were as likely as due to my military service and should be service-connecte And should be compensated for it.

        He also put all the codes and percentage ratings that should be assigned for the VA.

        This doctor was 74 years old of Vietnam veteran colonel in the army and a flight surgeon and M.D. Had a medical resume that would blow your mind.

        And of course we submitted this new evidence within 60 days and complied to the SOC or statement of the claim and it was received by the VA regional office or the new process center On December 15 2014 two days before the deadline my lap dog must of been sleeping.
        Anyway they got it within the 60 days.

        And apparently they never looked at the new evidence before they rolled out the statement of the case which I can’t understand the DRO never must even looked at the new material evidence. Dated Aug 12 2014.

        As for the real mindblower after we receive the statement of the case October 17, 2014 two weeks later I was scheduled for a C&P examinations For November 4, 2014 seeing two different doctors The psychiatrist and after him seen a different Doctor a regular medical physician this Second doctor reviewed everything he ordered EMG examination for the following in two weeks these tests and visits would be for other test at the VA hospitals 35 miles from my home.One of these EMG test will be concluded I believe around December 13 and the next one would be scheduled for December 16 I might be wrong on the exact dates but I believe one was complete the second week of December and the other test was completed on the third week of December and VA meds doctors checking for if I had any nerve damage in my arms and or nerve damage in my legs it was a very painful experience.

        He also scheduled me for a MRI for a brain scan and an MRI for the cervical spine this was Done at yet another VA facility on 20 December. So in all 4 trips to VA medical centers in all about a month after this first C&P Exam on Nov 4 2014

        I don’t put a lot of stock in this ebenefits disfunctional website because most of the stuff is not accurate the medical part of that is more accurate but the claim process is as far as your claim progress is completely inaccurate anyway apparently it’s stated that they made a decision on my claim on the Deceber 31st 2014 And the BVA dispatch the decision on January 2, 2015.

        Well after not receiving anything in over two weeks I decide to call my lap dog she would check on it after a few days of waiting she got back with me and said there has never been a decision on my claim and it’s still pending to go BVA and has not even been docket as of yet this is ebenefit website has been putting out On many veterans claim progress around the end of Dec 2014 been reading on other postings every where having the same problem.

        I wonder if they’re reviewing this new pension examinations I don’t know what to make of this if anybody out there have any suggestions of what’s going on I would appreciate it because I keep you guys informed whenever I get something and last but not least why would they even scheduled me for a C&P examination when they new evidence from the expert medical examiner in August 2014 two months prior of sending out the statement of the case or SOC I’m not talking about an expert medical opinion we’re talking about an expert medical whole examination.

        God Bless John G

  3. woodguy11 says:

    mine took 8 months all denied now on appeal good luck
    Seattle RO

  4. david j murphy says:

    Philly needs the OT, my uncle filed a nam era claim a few months ago. They told him at least a year to process

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