imagesNormally, about this time at 810 Vermin Avenue NW, the janitors have worked  their way up to the 3rd floor and begun the nightly chore of empty, sweep and vacuum. There may be a few lights still on tonight. Hell, maybe not. Maybe they’re all over at the grill across the street  getting lubricated and saying I deserve one of Laura Eskinazi’s famous Rocket Dockets. 

So here’s the Bomb Damage Assessment according to the USPS. The Writ had a soft landing just before lunch local time so it may docket today. The check was included. Docket numbers are already issued out to #15-037 as of tonight.

CAVC EWOM proof of receipt 1-08-15

Mr. D. Jackson signed for it and all is well with the world. On the other hand, the boyz ‘n the hood over at Vermin Lane aren’t picking up their mail according to the USPS. I have no confirmation they did so. Fortunately I can prove I threw their bottles into the ocean over a half hour before the CAVC filing. It appears the BVA has their own mailroom replete with their own zip code. Knowing that, you can understand how all these communiques with the VA seem to get “misplaced” or flat out lost. Nevertheless, I have all the proof I need and I can even give them a web address  on which to view it (in color). Kinda like Asknod’s eBennies without a passcode. They can probably get a grip on that concept after a while.

downloadI will consult with Dear Leader in Battle Creek and see what the tea leaves portend. Read the Writ soon you shall, Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss.

The Birth of a Writ Series continues here:

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  1. steve says:

    Brilliant Idea, !!

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