downloadIn an apparent mix up with the rollout of the VA choice card, many Vets are discovering they don’t qualify. Apparently, in order to make VAMCs more user friendly, VA is installing 3,000 foot runways and mini-airports adjacent to their facilities to handle the expected rise in stakeholders using their facilities.

Said VA  Spokeswoman Sharon Hellman” Air travel is all the rage now and with virtually every other Veteran having a pilot’s license, we figured this would please everyone in the Veterans community. It’s a natural fit. Veterans are encouraged to call our 800-827-1000 Ride Share Hotline to pool their travel pay and save even more. Flying in will shave hours off the commute, too. And of course we measure that critical 40 miles using nautical miles. All pilots do. We now offer handicapped spots on the apron close to base ops with complementary wheel chairs. We’ll be announcing other exciting innovations in 2015 as they become feasible.”

Veterans Service Organizations point to this as positive proof that VA is responsive to it’s Veterans and their every need. Ms. Hellman asserted the few bugs in the system currently will clear up as soon as all Veterans get the hang of parking correctly after they exit the active runway.


Small fender bender at VAMC American Lake December 2014


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  1. woodguy11 says:

    Is it 40 miles to a clinic or a hospital?

    • asknod says:

      40-get this-nautical miles from your casa to their CBOC, VAMC AS THE CROW FLIES. They’ll probably start using dog years for measuring our age to keep out excess TDIUs.

      My take on them jerking the ratings is just my idea but we do have one Vet that VA did this to. If you did the HCV bug juice (Interferon), then you have residuals from it probably.

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