Alfred “Einstein” Neuman

I love to read about impossible quests and the path ridden to arrive there. Here is one for the ages. I must give Johnny “Einstein” Vet the “What? Me Worry? Award for this one. He has earned it. He takes clueless to a whole new level.

Instead, VA treatment reports provide accounts of the Veteran’s extensive use of heroin since separation from active service. In February 2008, the Veteran indicated that he had been using heroin twice per week, and the most recent time was that very morning. The Board notes that post-service risk factors were previously addressed in the [unappealed]August 2003 rating decision.

One hundred and one ways to successfully lose your claim at the VA. We note in passing that he wisely chose the legal service of the VFW.






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  1. Kiedove says:

    This veteran IS part of the huge HCV outbreak that occurred in military boomers from every part of the contry, rural, suburban, and urban. He probably WAS infected with HCV during his military service! And when he got out, this miserable sod shot dope and spread it to other miserable people who spread it to others. He didn’t know he was infected or that he was spreading it to at least 50% of everyone he shot up with. As far as sex goes, if he was a cheatin’ kind of guy, maybe 3-5% of this sex partners could have been infected too. I’m assuming they were other addicts who had multiple sex partners and didn’t take care of themselves. But yeah, I bet he did get HCV in service.
    The statistics don’t lie. Damn shame.

  2. John King says:

    If you want to lose a Hep C claim or many other claims just admit to injecting heroin twice a week. That is whay he admitted to doing. Knowing addiction to heroin 99% don’t just use twice a week. They use as often as they can get it because that is all that is on their minds. They fear physical illness and crave the drug at the same time. I, hypothetically speaking, may have used drugs in Vietnam, but no illegal drugs since then. I am lucky HIV did not exist at the time, Hep C did exist.

    • Kiedove says:

      Glad you brought up HIV before the antivirals era. Then, HIV could take up to ten years to kill. First cases were recognized in the US in the early 80s. So some HIV strains were spreading in the 70s around the world unrecognized until full-blown AIDs killed them.

      One of these days we should dig into the HIV military death cases in the late 80s/early 90s since the blood products and dirty injections were a source of infections for hcv and hiv. The DoD/VA MUST have been dealing with HIV in the late 80s or they wouldn’t have moved so fast to end jet injection vaccinations in 1990. I think ending those and testing the blood supply were incredibly important measures. But multi-dose vial use is ongoing at some VAs. Staffers change the needles but reuse the syringes.
      Dirty injections in Buffalo VA 2013 and St. Louis are two recent examples. Post anti-virals, the VA has about 24K in treatment right now for HIV alone. VA has put up 200 clinical images.

      The HIV and HCV crisis is far from over but at least there are antivirals available.

  3. Abby says:

    At least he was honest.

  4. mark says:

    What a Stupid MFR,, no wonder THEY want us all Dead.

  5. Clear Left says:


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