GaryJETBasicVeterans would do well to bookmark this decision as a “how to” if they are going to attempt to win a VA jetgun claim. They also might consider looking in the phone book for Veterans attorney Daniel G. Curry’s name, rank, airspeed and last known heading. Relax. I did it for you.

P.S. And another well-presented victory of jetgun science over VA quackery. Note the rainmaker is none other than Virginia Girard-Brady.



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  1. Kiedove says:

    This shows how EVIL the RO was by getting their VA physician to lie for them: “In response to Dr. T’s February 2006 letter, the RO obtained another opinion from a VA physician. In March 2006, a VA doctor noted that Dr. T’s assumption regarding the sharing of needles was pure speculation and that his theory regarding exposure to hepatitis C with “nicks and cuts” from repairing machines was baseless as machines do not transmit hepatitis C. The VA doctor also noted that jet injectors do not contain needles.”
    Since when are needles only able transfer DNA from recruit-to-recruit? Fire this fraud.
    Having decent attorneys helps.

  2. woodguy11 says:

    Thank you nod I owe you one ray

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