oigYes, it’s been a busy month for the Katzenjammer Kops. Here’s the latest list of miscreants rounded up by our loyal VA SS troops. Of note is the Salisbury, North Carolina VA cop who held up the credit union on campus:

A former Salisbury, NC, VAMC police officer was indicted for attempted robbery of a credit union located on the campus of the VAMC. An OIG and FBI investigation revealed that while on duty, the defendant attempted to rob the credit union by forcing a credit union employee into the building as she was opening for the day. The defendant concealed his identify by wearing overalls, a ski mask, and gloves. Two construction workers witnessed the incident and chased the defendant as he fled from the scene. The defendant evaded the workers by hiding in a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) room, exiting in his uniform, and assisting in the search for the “suspect.” Later that day, a duffel bag containing items worn during the attempted robbery was located in the locked HVAC room. The defendant returned a few days later to retrieve the duffle bag and was captured on surveillance video. The defendant
confessed during an interview and agreed to surrender himself after indictment.

Not to be outdone, the Medical staff wanted their time in the sun as well as their entitlement to fifteen minutes of Warholian fame:

A former Salisbury, NC, VAMC nursing assistant was charged in a criminal information with the assault of an elderly dementia patient at the VAMC. An OIG investigation revealed the defendant struck the patient under his eye and attempted to conceal her actions by leaving the scene. The defendant subsequently confessed to striking the patient. Another former Salisbury, NC, VAMC nursing assistant was charged in a criminal information with assault of an elderly dementia patient at the VAMC. An OIG investigation revealed that after being struck by the patient, the defendant became angry, wrapped the patient’s arm around his neck, and pulled him down the hallway to his room and then forced him into his bed. Prosecution was declined on a second nursing assistant who admitted to restraining the same patient to his wheelchair by stretching the patient’s sleeves of his t-shirt over the handles of the wheelchair. Both employees resigned from their positions as a result of this investigation… (probably with pay and no prosecution).

I don’t make this stuff up, ladies and gentlemen Vets. This is the sorry state our VAMCs have sunk to. What happened in Phoenix, Albuquerque, Fort Collins et al is no fluke. It’s akin to a circus with endless sideshow entertainment at our expense. Apparently 40 or more dead Veterans is the breaking point for an investigation. Too bad it’s being conducted by the foxes in charge of the hen house. My guess is this will die down just exactly like every last investigation into similar events over the previous decades. Bad habits die hard. At the VA they are indestructable.

conqr_honeymoonersresize_740115What will be interesting is to see how or whether this develops. We’ve now heard whistleblower reports of all night shredding parties in Albuquerque and I expect we’ll hear of even more soon. When the Inspector Gadget crews belatedly show up, there will once again be nothing to substantiate. The ”’nobody here but us chickens” scenario is becoming all to common in this day and age. Normally, I would ascribe it to the ruling administration trying to avoid bad press but it is apparent that both political parties sanction the intransigence afoot at the VA and have for decades. It reminds me of Jackie Gleason’s Ralph Kramden saying ”One of these days, Alice. Pow! Straight to the moon.” But like jaded adults who have put away our Grimm’s Faery Tale tomes, we know that day will never come, now don’t we?

Once upon a time in a VAMC far, far away lived a VA administrator who toiled tirelessly and incessantly for his disabled charges. He wouldn’t rest until all their needs had been met every day. He was so devoted, he eschewed any thought of bonuses or extra remuneration. Right. What flavor of Kickapoo Joy Juice was Petzel drinking all these years? I want some, too.



P.S. Vermont Frank sends us this link. A very probative analysis of how the Administration may (or may not) handle it.

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  1. I was a RN at the Salisbury VA CLC for over Ten years, and after testifying to VAOIG regarding how both elderly Dementia patients and I were sexually assaulted by a male RN, I was Fired, and he remains employed in CLC!! VAOIG does nothing but tell leadership, who retaliates against the whistleblower, and in this case a victim of sexual assault who has evidence. Corruption extends VISN 6, and I need help going public!!

  2. Jim says:

    RE: Potential For VA Waste Fraud Abuse
    Did any one realize how abusive the Veterans Affairs cops treat military veterans at the VA hospitals? Did anyone realize how abusive some government employees become? Simply disagree with a federal employee at a VA hospital as a veteran and the VA government employee behind glass and physical barriers spreads their legs and accuses the individual veteran of being threatening, bullies and calls VA campus federal police just to exercise authority labeling him as “tumultuous.” VA agent cashiers attempting to coerce veterans to sign potentially fraudulent travel vouchers with no record of receipt provided to a vet with a computer transaction. Here we go again with potential computer fraud from petty cash when the VA went cashless. Yet, another avenue of corruption for federal employees or VA management stealing from the “cookie jar.” Eric Snowden would be a rich man if working for the Department of Veteran Affairs diverting petty cash.

  3. Jim says:

    RE: Veterans Affairs Event dated and documented: May 16, 2014 at the Nashville VAMC.
    Some would hope the Veterans Affairs Office of the Inspector General’s Office would review their procedures for the reimbursement of travel expenses of VA medical patients by travel clerks. Why? Potential exist for waste, fraud, and abuse by the VA travel clerks, and management using this source of petty cash as a piggy bank? Prior to the issue of electronic check to bank, the VA paid veterans with cash for travel. After many long years and theft of cash, using the guise of efficiency the VA disbursing scheme went cashless with direct deposit. Now comes another potential or another form of fraud by VA travel clerks and management to shoving a single sheet of paper in front of the veteran to sign and acknowledge partial payments for travel reimbursement. While the veteran hands the sole and only document back to a clerk there exists no proof or receipt was provided for the transaction. Upon balking and challenging the low level clerk’s order to return the document and retention by the veteran for evidence she threatens to call security to have the veteran apprehended and arrested. This event is just another loophole for fraud by a corrupt travel clerk or malfeasance of management to use these funds for their own folly and theft of federal dollars and fraud against the vet. Now multiply this times total VA patients times 150 facilities across the nation. What does a call in to Jessie at VAOIG hotline. “We’re not interested.” There’s always a few rotten apples in the barrel. VA patient advocates are simply damage control for the hospital director. Wondering if the difference in funds paid and those received go through the ozone and are lost. Thank you Mr. Morales.

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