dvoTrust Ben Krause to dig in and FOIA his way into the thick of TBI ratings. Actually non-ratings might be more appropriate. Check this baby out. No less than 8 or 9 training videos explaining how to knock the legs off a TBI rating and how to turn it into a discussion about PTSD which will soon be all better and we can come home. 

This is absolutely disgusting and pretty much confirms what I’ve been point out for years. Divide and conquer is the art form and VA has perfected it. First, scare the bejesus out of you to convince you not to attempt it. Then threaten the loss of another rating that they imply might have been the correct one to rate on in the beginning. Either way it’s lose-lose for the Vet. Coincidence? I don’t think so any more than I believe the the VA is scheduling appointments in a timely manner. I also see they are shredding evidence 24/7 down in Albuquerque in a vain attempt to beat the VAOIG to it. They needn’t worry. The OIG won’t be there for months and will let them know well in advance to avoid complications. Shoot. All the VA Service Center Manager has to do is call over to the the three star hotels in town and go fishing for dates.

A warm thank you is in order. Ben is like a mongoose after a rat. There is no surcease until the job is done. Great work on a subject that is going to haunt Veterans for scores of years to come.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks Ben, your work is appreciated, especially among us Gulf War vets.

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