isle of honor setup 1JPGAs some of you know, I have aligned myself with the Key Peninsula Veterans– a local, non-affiliated Veterans group who help our Veterans here on the peninsula. Being a 501(c)(3) not for profit, it is an excellent vehicle to use for donations legally.

We have begun a new quest involving bricks personalized by you, the donor, to be placed around flagpoles our organization has erected here in the community at parks and cemeteries. Profits from the sale of bricks will go directly to programs that assist needy Veterans as well as build funds for future flagpoles at our other parks.

Unlike some other Veterans charities, the funds will remain local as opposed to being shipped to Washington DC to a National Organization and salted away against some future Veterans catastrophe. And also, unlike many Veterans charities, the profits will not be eaten up by dealer prep, destination fees, fuel surcharges, carbon footprint fees, soil mitigation studies, environmental impact fees and concomitant spotted owl impact study fees. No indigenous slugs or other fauna will be harmed during the installation of said bricks.  Our organization also doesn’t pay it’s president $353,000.00 a year. Last I checked, he’s still getting $0.

All in all, this is a win-win for Veterans locally. I know many of you have, over the years, attempted to show your appreciation for what I have done to show you the way through the VA jungle of claims. Since I had no organized group to point to, I always asked for large quantities of cash in small denominations that wouldn’t arouse suspicion at the bank. No- just kidding. I have never-nor would I even consider- remuneration for what I do here. I know in my heart that any one of you would do the same for me if similarly situated. We left too many behind in my war. Never again. Each one of you deserves what was promised and that is my goal.

bagpipersVets around Memorial podiumMotor cycles around Isle of Honor Memorial Day will soon be upon us. KP Vets will once again host the Aisle of Honor with over three hundred flags at Vaughn Cemetery this Sunday as they do every year. It is an inviolate, sacred trust and one that draws many to the ceremony. We hope to see you there.

Below are the forms needed if you wish to donate to the “brick fund”. I’ll be buying several myself for members of my family who served. The most special will be for the gentleman who made my presence here today possible. Sadly, he was KIA in 1971.

resize 2

And on this august occasion, let us also take a moment to thank all those who served in Air America. They rescued more of our downed airmen in Laos than I can begin to count-almost always at great risk to themselves. Their contribution to the war has never been fully appreciated.

2014-05-20 0934172014-05-20 093417_2

2014-05-20 093417_3



To print these forms for use,  left click on each one. When the larger version appears, please right click your mouse and select “print”. Happy Memorial Day.

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