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After waiting patiently for nigh on eight months waiting for acknowledgement of my filing of CUE for the reduction of my 10% rating on PCT, I took IRIS in hand and sent in a query. Here’s what I got back: … Continue reading

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Hard on the heels of JAVet’s last post I found this from Shawn in my mailbox. Don’t you people ever sleep? I find it interesting that vA could think, even for the most brief moment, that they could possibly tamper with our C-files and … Continue reading

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Words worth remembering: FDA public hearing on jet-guns (8/9/05)

Revisit with me the picture Dr. Martin Friede (WHO) painted seven long years ago concerning jet-gun devices (emphasis mine): CHAIRMAN EDMISTON: You represent sort of the pragmatic perspective here, Dr. Friede. You’re out there in the field. If industry met … Continue reading

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Baltimore VA Medical Center, 168 patients, and Kwiatkowski?

David Kwiatkowski, the man who is accused of infecting 30 patients with his strain of HCV at Exeter Hospital (NH), worked at the Baltimore VA Medical Center from May 2008 to November 2008, according a article and the VA.   … Continue reading

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Shreddergate Part 2: How to know if you are a victim?

Nod’s article on Shreddergate One, should surely be an eye opener, noting that Shreddergate ONE made the Veterans Benefit Manual. According to this article with the Federal Register, we Vets do not have 365 more sunsets left, as the one … Continue reading

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Member Cal (who I don’t recall as being terribly sensitive) sent me this this morning. Being sensitive to your humor needs, I naturally post it post haste: Three rednecks were working up on a cell phone tower: Cooter, Ronnie and … Continue reading

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Early this year, the line at the travel office window became longer and longer. The VAMC put up some boxes with forms to fill out and apply without waiting each time. Win-win for Vets, right? Well, Virginia-not exactly. The first … Continue reading

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I spotted this in the VBM this morning before my journey to the land of vAMC. We have several vets from the Cleveland area, one of whom has incontrovertible proof of the shrinking C-file phenomenon. That would be our Joe … Continue reading

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At last, we’re going to be saved. Yessir. They’re starting with military policemen  and eventually will work all the way down to cooks in the mess hall as culinary masters in Michelin 5 star Restaurants. Were you a mechanic? Chances are … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the Undersecretary for vA Apologies doesn’t come out with the new Logo. No flies on Fox News. FAIR AND BALANCED YOU REPORT WE DECIDE  According to the poohboahs, every claim is viewed in the light most favorable … Continue reading

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