After waiting patiently for nigh on eight months waiting for acknowledgement of my filing of CUE for the reduction of my 10% rating on PCT, I took IRIS in hand and sent in a query. Here’s what I got back:

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 Response via Email Via Email (Department of Veterans Affairs) 07/24/2012 01:31 PM
Dear Mr.This is in response to your inquiry to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) dated July 16, 2012.We are grateful for your service to our country.

We apologize you have not received a response from your submission to VA made in October 2011.

VA records indicate a Statement of the Case was sent to you on March 26, 2010, in regard to your appeal for an increased rating for porphyria cutanea tarda associated with hepatitis C. Please note: this appeal was closed on June 1, 2010, as we did not receive a response from you (VA Form 9, Appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals) within the 60 day time frame allowed for a response.

Claim for Increase

Please note: You are able to file a claim for increase several different ways. You can contact a representative via telephone at the number provided below or you can submit a written request to the regional office on VA Form 21-4138, Statement in Support of Claim which can be downloaded from this web link: A copy of this form has been attached to this reply for your convenience. You may then mail or fax this form to your VA regional office of jurisdiction. You may also use our online application system, VONAPP, to file a claim for increase. Please see:

Mr. , we can also initiate a claim on your behalf via this inquiry system. If you would like to file a claim for increase for this medical condition, please respond to this inquiry, and we will forward your information to the regional office for processing. The date of your inquiry will be used as the date of the claim, for retroactive payment purposes, if the benefit sought is granted.

We recommend you submit any evidence you may have to support your claim for consideration. Please include your name and claim number on each page of documentation, so as to ensure it is properly matched to your claims file. Please find the address and fax number for your regional office below.

Once the processing of your claim begins, you will be notified via U.S. mail, to advise if any additional information is needed to support the claim. You will also be notified if the regional office determines a VA exam is required to evaluate your conditions.

Thank you for contacting us. If you have questions or need additional help with the information in our reply, please respond to this message or see our other contact information below.

Sincerely yours,

Donovan W. Thompson
National IRIS Response Center Manager

Enclosure: VA Form 21-4138

This is what I sent back:

In reply to this inquiry, I have located my USPS Form 3817 showing a Proof of Mailing to your Regional Office on October 11th, 2011 for a Motion for Revision of my March 29th, 2010 DRO decision. In that decision, the DVA VARO reduced my rating for Porphyria from DC 7815 –10% to 0%. This rating was for scars. The scars have not gone away. Please check with the VARO mail room and see where the Motion for Revision ended up. I have not filed for an increase. I have not filed for anything other than a Motion for Revision (Clear and Unmistakable Error) of one thing–the reduction of my rating for DC 7815 Porphyria from 10% to 0%. This is not pyramiding of ratings. If you have no copy of this filing, please so advise and I will send you new copies as well as my Proof Of Mailing from the Vaughn, Washington Office of the United States Postal Service at 3:45:06 PM on October 11th, 2011. I also have the actual cash register receipt if you require proof beyond the actual Form 3817. 

This should be entertaining to see. I’m trying to envision the looks when they realize just because I didn’t use the green card that they couldn’t send this to the circular file and thence to the shredder room. Ruh-oh Rorge!  I guess I can now join the ranks of the “shredded”. Of course they’ll miraculously find it after I send in the proof. It’s probably in someone else’s file. Relax. Proof of the perfidy of who you are dealing with.

USPS FORM 3817 Proof of Mailing

Here’s the October filing in case anyone wants to see how its done without a 21-4138:

Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Moving Party —-NOD

October 10th,  2011





Dear Sirs,

In going over my records, I observe the Regional Office ratings procedures incorporated into 38 CFR §§ 4.14, 4.20 and 4.118 DC 7815 were misinterpreted.  The DRO review of March 29th, 2010 reduced my primary rating for Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (Diagnostic Code 7815) rated at 10%. In its stead, the Review Officer substituted Diagnostic Code 7704 at 40% to comprehend the phlebotomies I receive monthly.

Two regulations are salient here with respect to this situation. 38 CFR

§ 4.14 clearly states that no rating shall be duplicative of another or overlap in symptomatology. However it does not rule out rating a condition under two different diagnostic codes if they are dissimilar manifestations and have no commonality.

The evaluation of the same disability under various diagnoses is to be avoided. Disability from injuries to the muscles, nerves, and joints of an extremity may overlap to a great extent, so that special rules are included in the appropriate bodily system for their evaluation. Dyspnea, tachycardia, nervousness, fatigability, etc., may result from many causes; some may be service connected, others, not. Both the use of manifestations not resulting from service-connected disease or injury in establishing the service-connected evaluation, and the evaluation of the same manifestation under different diagnoses are to be avoided.

My 10% rating for PCT fell under 38 CFR § 4.118 DC 7815 Porphyria Cutanea Tarda for bullous pemphigoids and the scarring of the distal portions of my hands and forearms in addition to scars due to mechanical trauma associated with PCT (exposed areas). This constitutes five or more percent of the exposed portions of the skin. This warrants 10% as documented by my QTC Compensation and Pension exam of July 2008 and my award granted October 3nd, 2008. I reprint DC 7815 here:

7815 Bullous disorders (including pemphigus vulgaris, pemphigus foliaceous, bullous pemphigoid, dermatitis herpetiformis, epidermolysis bullosa acquisita, benign chronic familial pemphigus (Hailey-Hailey), and porphyria cutanea tarda):

At least 5 percent, but less than 20 percent, of the entire body, or at least 5 percent, but less than 20 percent, of exposed areas affected, or; intermittent systemic therapy such as corticosteroids or other immunosuppressive drugs required for a total duration of less than six weeks during the past 12-month period


The rating decision dated October 3rd, 2008 erroneously stated the following:

“While the condition is currently in remission and primarily only affects your hands, we are assigning this evaluation based on your intermittent need for phlebotomies.”

I would disagree with the examiner. My disease is active from April to October every year. My need for phlebotomies is currently once a month to reduce my hematocrit to 37%. It is currently 44% as of today’s phlebotomy (October 10th, 2011). A detailed dermatological exam will reveal extensive scarring on the distal portions of the forearms as well as the hands and mechanical trauma scars on the anterior aspect of both as well.  There is no provision for phlebotomies- intermittent or otherwise-anywhere to be found in Diagnostic Code 7815. This is clear and unmistakable error and provoked an outcome determinative error-to wit, attempting to rate the phlebotomies under DC 7815.

My NOD, dated October 8th, 2008 clearly pointed out a higher rating was in order for this as I receive regular phlebotomies and have almost continuously since 1992. The only diagnostic code referring to phlebotomies is DC 7704 Polycythemia Vera. It contemplates 40% for this condition. As such, it falls under §4.20 (analogous ratings). I reprint 38 CFR § 4.20 here:

When an unlisted condition is encountered it will be permissible to rate under a closely related disease or injury in which not only the functions affected, but the anatomical localization and symptomatology are closely analogous. Conjectural analogies will be avoided, as will the use of analogous ratings for conditions of doubtful diagnosis, or for those not fully supported by clinical and laboratory findings. Nor will ratings assigned to organic diseases and injuries be assigned by analogy to conditions of functional origin.

In no way, shape or form are there any overlapping conditions or manifestations of bullous pemphigoids (scarring) with phlebotomies. The two medical situations represent two entirely different concepts. Scarring is a static condition, whereas phlebotomies are an ongoing monthly medical procedure to remove excess blood and the iron therein. This provokes anemia. Because DC 7815 does not contemplate this procedure, DC 7704 must be used by analogy. This in no way constitutes pyramiding. Therefore the reduction of the rating for DC 7815 from 10% to 0% was unlawful and clearly and unmistakably erroneous.

Based on this, an outcome determinative error resulted in reducing my rating for scars from 10% to 0% where 10% is warranted by law and was indeed awarded lawfully on October 3rd, 2008. I believe 38 CFR §3.105(a) covers this contingency under clear and unmistakable error:

(a) Error. Previous determinations which are final and binding, including decisions of service connection, degree of disability, age, marriage, relationship, service, dependency, line of duty, and other issues, will be accepted as correct in the absence of clear and unmistakable error. Where evidence establishes such error, the prior decision will be reversed or amended. For the purpose of authorizing benefits, the rating or other adjudicative decision which constitutes a reversal of a prior decision on the grounds of clear and unmistakable error has the same effect as if the corrected decision had been made on the date of the reversed decision. Except as provided in paragraphs (d) and (e) of this section, where an award is reduced or discontinued because of administrative error or error in judgment, the provisions of § 3.500(b)(2) will apply.

I respectively petition VA to restore the rating of 10% for my scarring  effective February 23rd, 2007 immediately based on clear and unmistakable error committed on the March 29th, 2010 Decision Review. If it comes to pass that my Substantive Appeal currently before the BVA grants me an earlier effective date of March 31, 1994, I would ask that the effective date for this rating comply with the 1994 decision. If this is unclear, let me reiterate it. My ratings for PCT, secondary to Hepatitis C (DC 7354) should reflect DC 7815 at 10% and DC 7704 at 40% respectively and should commence on March 31, 1994 if, and only if, the BVA Appeal grants that date as the effective date of my claim.

I certify that the above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Sincerely,   Noodle Dude

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5 Responses to PS FORM 3817 TO THE RESCUE

  1. Kiedove says:

    –Mailing advice: Is Priority mail with tracking safe at the VA?
    –What benefit can you be sure to gain with the proof of mailing slip? What if they claim you forgot to put your papers in the envelop? Don’t laugh, this happened to us once. We mailed a life insurance policy renewal check Express mail so we would have proof via tracking. Later, we got a notice that the policy had been canceled. We called the small regional company. We had the proof of mailing but they claimed the envelop was EMPTY! Sure, we spent $16 to mail an empty envelop. ”
    Why didn’t you call us?” I asked. No answer. The carbon of our check didn’t mean anything and they never cashed our check. My theory: we didn’t fit their risk profile so they “lost” (destroyed) our check. Our word against theirs. They won. This is America today.

  2. Leigh & Paul says:

    Mr. Thompson must be very busy looks like he does all the e mail to the vets, boy do I feel stupid starting out Dear Mr. Thompson, when it may be LUCY

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