Baltimore VA Medical Center, 168 patients, and Kwiatkowski?

David Kwiatkowski, the man who is accused of infecting 30 patients with his strain of HCV at Exeter Hospital (NH), worked at the Baltimore VA Medical Center from May 2008 to November 2008, according a article and the VA.   The Baltimore VA is notifying 168 patients that they might have been exposed to HCV from him, according to a VA press release. 

Kwiatkowski worked in hospitals in other states as well:  Kansas, Arizona, Georgia, New York and Michigan.  He even worked at John Hopkins  Hospital (MD).  He is known to have had HCV since “at least June, 2010,” according to the article.

A lot more patients are going to be getting free HCV testing soon.  For example, Hays Medical Center in Kansas is sending notifications to 460 patients, according to   We should keep an eye on the Baltimore VA Medical Center’s press releases.  It’s good that they are being pro-active so far.

Update:  One patient tested with a similar strain.  (LINK)

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