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Just as the title suggests, every once in a while I get deep-diggers who must sow discord where there is none. Much like an indigestible meal, it causes discomfort that can only be alleviated by visiting it upon others. An … Continue reading

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Right. The Who dialed it. So, as most of you know, I’m a “hearing” kind of litigator. Have Jetgun. Will travel. Wire asknod Seattle. The full panoply and all that. All kidding aside, I strongly believe in the hearing process. … Continue reading

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Once again, I don’t get no respect. Jerrell called to say they had a cancellation and would I be available? Well, sure. Anytime I get to bloviate and expound on VA law for an hour in front of a microphone, … Continue reading

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Yeppers. I augered in at the CAVC on old Butch’s claim. But due to the wonders of the new AMA system, I merely have to hit the turn signal lever, make a quick u-turn and go back to the Seattle … Continue reading

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A good neighbor and client of mine passed. He had the devil’s own time getting a claim for combat PTSD in Vietnam in the plus column. He ended up finding all his letters he sent home from Cu Chi and … Continue reading

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“New” Agent Orange Presumptives Amendment–next stop, House leadership, then President Trump

Around three years ago, VA Sec. Doctor David Shulkin, on the basis of scientific evidence, was on the verge of rule-making in favor of adding bladder cancer, Parkinson’s-like symptoms and hypothyroidism as service-connected presumptive AO diseases.  Shulkin was fired.  Since … Continue reading

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Jerrell and John have graciously invited me back to their radio show for another hour or more of outlier insight on the latest prestidigitational feats of the Veterans Administration. The Kung Fu Flu (less syllables and rolls off the tongue … Continue reading

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Folks, I never thought I’d be writing this column. I no longer think of this simply as a blog project. By now, I feel I’ve earned the right to be considered a vocal, meaningful force for Veterans and an able … Continue reading

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Congressional Research Service (CRS): VSO revelations and questions

As Alex has noted, only a few staffers in any particular VSO office are accredited representatives.  This has been a surprising revelation. The information is included in two recent CRS reports. Veterans Accredited Representatives:  Frequently Asked Questions June 25, 2020  … Continue reading

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The Recession Has Hit Women the Hardest; Here’s How to Recover

Women already face more employment-related challenges than men, but the recession has brought additional worries. What does the recession mean for a woman’s ability to help support her household? Here, we’ll look at what’s happening in the current economy and … Continue reading

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