The gentlemen who run the Exposed Vet radio show have graciously invited me to attend tomorrow’s show and discuss a recent win I had for SMC T. I’ll be there and will gladly accept any calls with questions regarding the whys, wheres and how-tos of SMC T. 

The Show begins at 1900 Hrs on America’s eastly shores and 1600 Hrs on the westerly side due to global warming. It’s so hot in the mid-west it warps time.

The call in number is

(515) 605-9764

You can connect via your computer here:

If you wish to enter the conversation, please press one (1) on your phone to enable your microphone. Otherwise, please refrain as all the extra noise degrades the quality of the broadcast.

We hope to provide you with a valuable learning experience. Far too little SMC information is out there available to Veterans other than what it’s supposed to be according to VA.

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