Searching through VA data, it might appall you to discover just how many of you are not totally disabled who should be. I remember seeing some of the early breakdowns of ratings percentages by actual numbers rather than broad statistics back in 2008. I’d just reached 100% P&T and was stupified that VA had caved in so readily. I shouldn’t have been. Having studied it for a few years, I knew what I needed to get there. But how many of you don’t? My most recent battle again impressed on me that Boy Scout mantra of ‘be prepared’-regardless. 

Back in the day, I was a firm believer in hand grenades. Just like an American Express Credit card, I never went anywhere without a couple in my cargo pockets- even the loo. Up north in the land of the elephants that rhymed with mouse, we had a ready supply of those Swedish grenades that must have been designed for the less muscular among the Swedes who only got out for INACDUTRA warfare one weekend a month. You felt like an NFL quarterback and could huck one the length of a football field with little or no effort. Well, almost. An M 26 “lemon” style grenade was slightly less in weight than the old pineapple version of WW II. The reason I know that is the VC repurposed the pineapples with a new prussic acid fuse and there were tons of them you could measure against ours. The Swedish ones were noticeably lighter. The rebuilt pineapples weren’t exactly a big hit with the VC because about one out of five went off instantly when you pulled the bamboo ‘cork’ out of the top. Some went off within several seconds. One out of ten was a complete dud. Hand grenades taught me the value of being prepared for anything. It’s carried over into my VA law games. You don’t have to be an expert legal marksman to hit anything.

SMC T is a narrow  type of SMC rating. If you can qualify to SMC L for aid and attendance and you have a shit ton of ratings for TBI  residuals and PTSD, you qualify for consideration for the leapfrog directly up to SMC T from L. For most of us non-TBI folks, it requires an A&A rating plus a second qualifier like loss of use of your upper or lower extremities or blindness. A certain VSO pushed for this SMC T rating back in 2010 for the huge numbers of Vets who got clobbered by IEDs. I get that. What I never got was that the VA created two classes of Veterans- those who served before 9/11/2001 and those who came after. Trust me when I say we had IEDs in Vietnam. We just called them boobytraps…or mines. Six of one and half a dozen of another. They still can make your neurological existence utter hell for the rest of your life.

One of my clients-Stuart, a ‘transportation expert’,  rode shotgun on convoys from Long Binh up to Quan Loi. He was in a 18-wheeler cab when they hit a command-detonated MK 82 500 pounder buried in Rte. 1 one morning. It blew their tractor upside down 30 feet sideways off the road and cold-cocked both him and the driver. Stu was carrying a Pig and six boxes of 7.62. He said it felt like being in a washing machine with a 351 Cleveland until he lost consciousness. Messed him up it did. Yesssssssssssss. He says he’s never  hit on all eight cylinders ever since. I believe him.  One afternoon, we had a smart fart F 100 driver who was not cleared in hot pickle off a pair of MK 82 500-lb. Snake eyes about 1/4 mile from us. It dang near ripped our wings off and left us deaf as a post for several days. That’s the closest I ever want to come to a TBI.

So when Denise and Carl (not their real names) came to me and asked for help, I couldn’t turn this down. Carl started out Marine Life as an admin weenie at first. Then they ‘promoted’ him to Graves and Registration duty when they needed some new ones. That should have made the hair stand up on the back of his neck. For the uninitiated, G&R is the distasteful job of picking up all the little pieces of people after a fire fight. If you’re really unlucky, they make you map it all out and try to figure out what belongs to who. Boots with feet still in them are very frequent. Parts and pieces of human bodies tend to fly all over the place judging from my own personal experience. Generally, they can blend into dirt and be difficult to see unless they’re either bloody, flesh colored or have a piece of uniform still attached. It must be a traumatic MOS judging by turnover and what it does to the human psyche. Supersize it with a side of TBI from an IED and you have a recipe for permanent mental Hell. Meet Carl.

I think the enduring trauma is when these troops return home. Wives or loved ones are taken aback at the dramatic, permanent change of persona. Granted, being in a  theatre of war changes you. Combat definitely more so. But comorbidity of TBI and PTSD  is almost more than any one soldier was ever designed to bear. It’s a classic example of what  no deposit, no return military philosophy becomes in practice. Carl is a survivor of both and a walking miracle. Survivor inasmuch as each day is a Groundhog Day repeat of pain, headaches and mental turmoil.  Check out his noggin. He probably would not have made it this far without the support of his wife and children after the Marines escorted him to the front gate.  Once you’re damaged, the military can’t 86 you fast enough. I know. I did that perp walk in February 1973 -eight months after I got back to the world. It’s almost as if they fear you’ll contaminate any you come in contact with- like Corona. Carl probably wasn’t a walking, talking inducement to re-up so having him around cast a damper on the oooh-rah morale program. After all he’d gone through, anger management wasn’t his strong suite anymore. It still isn’t.

VA is not overly generous when it comes to handing out SMC just in case any of you hadn’t picked up on that yet. The higher the  award, the more static and recalcitrance they exhibit. You’ll hear every excuse under the sun as to why you missed SMC T by thaaaaaat much. You’ll hear tell that SMC T is reserved for those far more injured than you; that your injuries don’t quite qualify. They’ll aver the regulations are explicit and you need to be more than 100% for bent brain and have a shit ton more TBI than you currently do have. That’s bullshit. Those statistics I mentioned above reveal there are fewer than 3,000 or so rated for SMC T. That’s about the same number as SMC R 2 which is the same dollar value SMC ( $9,850 per month). There’s a reason for that. Think mushrooms and a dark, warm basement full of ignorance manure. I like to point out that since they always get SMC wrong or completely forget about it being applicable, that they should trust me. That one hasn’t worked much yet in spite of my unblemished SMC record.

My beautiful picture

To give you an idea of what you need to qualify for T, take a look at §3.350(j) and then review §3.352(b):

(j) Special aid and attendance benefit for residuals of traumatic brain injury (38 U.S.C. 1114(t)). The special monthly compensation provided by 38 U.S.C. 1114(t) is payable to a veteran who, as the result of service-connected disability, is in need of regular aid and attendance for the residuals of traumatic brain injury, is not eligible for compensation under 38 U.S.C. 1114(r)(2), and in the absence of such regular aid and attendance would require hospitalization, nursing home care, or other residential institutional care. Determination of this need is subject to the criteria of § 3.352.

§3.352(b)(2) gets into the nitty gritty small print of what VA seems to think is really required to attain SMC T. At any rate, it’s my considered opinion (and probably only mine) that you should always be prepared to supply credentials showing you’re certified for medical supervision for Physical Therapy (PT) in home by XYZ PT Co. with Nurse Ratched supervising, swimming at local YMCA times one day/week etc. 38 USC §1114(t) enunciates it clearly but 38 CFR §3.352(b)(2) simply muddies the waters.

(2) A veteran is entitled to the higher level aid and attendance allowance authorized by § 3.350(j) in lieu of the regular aid and attendance allowance when all of the following conditions are met:

(i) As a result of service-connected residuals of traumatic brain injury, the veteran meets the requirements for entitlement to the regular aid and attendance allowance in paragraph (a) of this section.

(ii) As a result of service-connected residuals of traumatic brain injury, the veteran needs a “higher level of care” (as defined in paragraph (b)(3) of this section) than is required to establish entitlement to the regular aid and attendance allowance, and in the absence of the provision of such higher level of care the veteran would require hospitalization, nursing home care, or other residential institutional care.

(3) Need for a higher level of care shall be considered to be need for personal health-care services provided on a daily basis in the veteran‘s home by a person who is licensed to provide such services or who provides such services under the regular supervision of a licensed health-care professional. Personal health-care services include (but are not limited to) such services as physical therapy, administration of injections, placement of indwelling catheters, and the changing of sterile dressings, or like functions which require professional health-care training or the regular supervision of a trained health-care professional to perform. A licensed health-care professional includes (but is not limited to) a doctor of medicine or osteopathy, a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse, or a physical therapist licensed to practice by a State or political subdivision thereof.

(4) The term “under the regular supervision of a licensed health-care professional”, as used in paragraph (b)(3) of this section, means that an unlicensed person performing personal health-care services is following a regimen of personal health-care services prescribed by a health-care professional, and that the health-care professional consults with the unlicensed person providing the health-care services at least once each month to monitor the prescribed regimen. The consultation need not be in person; a telephone call will suffice.

(5) A person performing personal health-care services who is a relative or other member of the veteran‘s household is not exempted from the requirement that he or she be a licensed health-care professional or be providing such care under the regular supervision of a licensed health-care professional.

(6) The provisions of paragraph (b) of this section are to be strictly construed. The higher level aid-and-attendance allowance is to be granted only when the veteran‘s need is clearly established and the amount of services required by the veteran on a daily basis is substantial.

(c) Attendance by relative. The performance of the necessary aid and attendance service by a relative of the beneficiary or other member of his or her household will not prevent the granting of the additional allowance.

VA makes it sound as if all you need is the a&a of another, and in its absence, you’d need to be institutionalized. Well, not exactly as they say down at Dollar-a-Day Rentacar. If that were the case, there’d be a shit ton more Vets on SMC T.  VA attempts to allege you need  the exact same requirements for a higher level of care required to qualify for SMC R2. In shorthand, that means the wife or parent is going to have to become proficient in a wide array of medical techniques that might even entail removing or replacing indwelling catheters or administering injections. Or, it could be nothing more than learning how to accomplish rudimentary exercises in physical therapy or treating bedsores. At any rate, it will require a lifetime of medical treatment in the home and supervision as described by §3.352(b)(4). VA tossed in that killer qualifier that these regulations be strictly construed such that you generally almost qualify but most often not quite. That clearly explains why there are less than 3,000 who win SMC T or R2. What’s worse, they never tell you what you lack to get the T. That right there is a mega violation of 38 CFR §3.103(f)(5)(6); 38 USC §5104(a)(5).

Denise came to me back in late September. They’d already beat their fists bloody trying to win this and couldn’t get any explanation on how to play SMC poker with VA. All they got was “you’re not that damaged, dude.” She fought them from 2015-2018 just to win the TBI and get a paltry 70% for the bent brain syndrome. In spite of that, VA was adamant about no SMC- not even a&a.  Considering Carl almost went to jail for threatening to beat the shit out of a cop, you’d figure they might grant that much. Denise fought them to a draw and won the a&a to begin the fight in earnest. I admire her for even getting that far. SMC T, however, would remain denied until last Friday morning.

Now, I’ll let you in on a proprietary secret. During the HLR informal conference, I could catch the DRO’s drift that Carl wasn’t going to be SMC T material. She was telegraphing that with all the pleasantries. Surprise, surprise surprise. When they start saying they’ll re-review the claims file and “perhaps” be  able to make a favorable decision, you can almost rest assured they already typed it up and are waiting ready to hit SEND.  Rest assured also that you’ll be reading the denial in 28 minutes. I had already obtained a dynamite IMO from my folks at Mednick so I was acting a bit ambivalent about the whole thing. I told her point blank I fully well expected to get the “we wish that we could award you the T but….” Dear John letter and that the client was completely prepared for that. But I was also equally frank and said we’d just received the IMO in hand from a sme (subject matter expert) board-certified neurodoc that said he would never be able to exist outside a care facility solo without a higher level of care-so fire away as we were all prepared to take this to the BVA. Why, the HLR is just a mere formality I entertain with you VA folks to check all the boxes on the way to appeal. That punji pit always gets them. The reason it works like a charm is VA employees are insecure. If you’re nonchalant in the face of almost certain, 99.999% denial, they wonder what you know that they missed. It works like a charm. Remember, they’re used to dealing with VSOs. We won’t go into that today. Anyway, there was a nice long delayed pregnant pause and then the “Excuse me. Did you say you have a private IMO? From whom?”

I read her the punchline verbatim from the neurodoc and explained that VLJs up at the Puzzle Palace in DC generally ascribe more intelligence to Board-Certified 65-yr. old neurologists than  FNG “family practice” ARNPs with two years of QTC under their belts.  Another pregnant pause before she said she’d certainly give this the de novo hairy eyeball and get back to me. Well, I was right. It was about 28 minutes but it had metamorphosed into a grant. This is the second time the mere threat of a bulletproof IMO has induced them to grant what I wanted.

redact SMC T 6.17.2022

Now, in all fairness, I wouldn’t suggest bullshirting a VA DRO and telling them you have an IMO when you don’t. That’s probably against the law in 48 states even if VA bullshoots us day in and day out. Besides, I’m technically a VA “employee” in a tortured interpretation of the definition and I reckon I could lose my license. But that’s not to say I can’t wave it under their noses and let them know I’m strapping on the shooting irons and preparing for a legal gunfight.  I sure wasn’t bullskirting her on that point. Who ever thought whistling whilst passing the graveyard would become a litigating tool?

Denise and her kids still have a lifetime of challenges before them. $10 K a month will not buy tranquility but it will buy some measure of relief for treating Carl and getting him good professional help. I sure hope they don’t continue to use the VA VAMC for medical because that’s probably half his problem right now. I wouldn’t take my dog to a VA hospital. One look at my belly and you’d agree. That can only be VHA’s handiwork. Considering Denise is now certified for PY and other home care, I’ve advised her to go for the VHA PCAFC caregiver stipend of $2100 a month to help make ends meet.

Happy Juneteenth to you all. There’s no business like Vet business. I might not go to Heaven based on my SEA transgressions but I’m hoping to get a bye if I continue to pull off a few more of  these de novo do overs. Thank you Carl- and especially Denise- for letting me be your sword bearer. It was an honor to be chosen to do this one. What’s best of all is getting it done locally without having to appeal it for 3 years.

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  1. Joseph Klepper says:

    For SMC T you do not need a licensed professional caregiver, Under R 2 you do. Thats why they created SMC T, because TBI residuals dont neatly fit into R2 qualifications. R1 you don’t need a Pro either.

    • asknod says:

      Sir, I agree with you entirely. I misspoke on the phraseology above. I corrected it to read “VA alleges you need…”. This was my take based on their incorrect contention that my client didn’t qualify on two counts- one being that his wife (proposed caregiver) was not certified. The second was that he wasn’t thaaaat bad off in spite of the attack on an officer of the peace. I begged them to declare him incompetent to handle funds and appoint a fiduciary-all to no avail. I purchased an IMO from a Board-certified neurologist saying he was nursing home material without his spouse and children to assist him. I wallpapered them with 4138s. Crickets.
      If the only way to get my client his due is to show his wife is certified, then that’s the repair order. I don’t like to keep appealing to a higher court to get my Vets their benefits. If the Vet committed suicide due to my two-year paper fight, I’d carry that burden for the rest of my life.
      The right way to litigate, to me, is to accomplish the mission in as short a time as possible. I owe that to the Vet and his family. Reviewing BVA decisions, I even came across two which denied the Vet because he…. yep- lacked a certified caregiver. Being “right” legally in this business doesn’t always put the chicken in the pot. With TBI, Win or Die can take on a far more immediate meaning.

      • Joseph Kl says:

        I agree with you totally. I’ve read many claims where they do exactly as you point out to numerous Vets. I appreciate your response. I’m in a 13 year claim which I fought many battles to get to ” almost there ” The VA Didn’t even have my TBI exam in my SOC, or my Neurological Exam. To add insult to injury they listed false TBI test scores all at 0. I had three separate 3 ratings in my residuals. Sat through DRO review, 780 days waiting for BVA video hearing. They offered me Ramp. I took Ramp, and VA came my way increasing PTSD to 100 from 70. Migraines max to 50 from 30, Awarded SMC L , and scheduled me for a TBI exam with a Contractor. Contracted Psych didnt review my claims file. Attempted to pull it up at my Exam, I told him my File has over 4K pages, and asked would it be best to re-schedule with another Psych. He said Yes. I left tried to reschedule, got his commentary , and Contracted Psych marked no to everything, said I was belligerent, demanding, etc…… Just made up a complete Lie. AOJ refused me another exam, paid the Contractor Psych, so I go a Lawyer. I have a BVA Hearing in Sep, after 13 years of Hampster Wheel. A Gulf War Vet, 10 years service, all in 82nd Airborne, 4 Tbi’s, 2 of which have In Line Of Duty Reports. Diagnosed with MDD before I stepped, a freaking “Presumptive”….and all this BS and VARO falsifying documents, with ficticious TBI Test scores, All in All I have a winning case, which boills down to SMC T grant with back pay,to OCT 2011, My Claim is from 2009….. OR they try another BS move, and quote what you mentioned prior. I sincerely hope they don’t try another move about Professional Care required, etc……. Had I not lived through what the VA can and does do, I would never have believed the steps they go through to try and delay or deny. Question ? Are Veterans allow to go to Media with a major News Story showing what VA really does ? Thanks

      • Joseph Kl says:

        P.S. I had a Caretaker take me to a Town Hall meeting. A Senior DRO heard me out, she said ” I will put your TBI with your PTSD for 100 percent. I said, I don’t care how you do it, just fix it. She walked away, can back 5 min later and asked me.. ” Are you with Ramp ? ” I said yes, she said ” I’m sorry I can’t touch you ! ” I asked her to show me the Reg that says a Vet invited to Ramp can’t be helped by a DRO looking at his claim. She said ” I’m sorry, and walked away. I have my Caregiver as Witness, so where on Gods green earth would VA invite you to take Ramp, then say we cant tough you because you’re in Ramp ? I have a witness now in ANY and ALL dealings with the VA. That is how bad it gets.

        • Joseph Kl says:

          Under redacted , it seems his disabilities still are not Coded correctly, I.E. 8045-9411, 8045-8100, 8045-6204, etc……..

          • Joseph Kl says:

            Also, if I have to go to CAVC, what time frame would I be looking at, if immediately decided to appeal it there from BVA. I’m suprised I don’t see a ton of SMT cases with CAVC decisions. Is this because of behind the door fixes ? Also, if Remanded from CAVC back down, is that usually a winning claim in your opinion ? Thanks

            • Joseph Kl says:

              Sorry to nickle and dime things, but 1 last question. Is a CUE after a BVA neg decision, quicker than appealing to CAVC.. ? ( I only mention this, because I know I have a valid CUE )

              • asknod says:

                “so I go a Lawyer. I have a BVA Hearing in Sep, after 13 years of Hampster Wheel.”

                I’d love to give you my thoughts but if you already have competent legal assistance, it would be unprofessional to do so. I wish you the best.

                • Joseph Kl says:

                  Okay……. we’ll see if he’s competent in a bit.

                  • Joseph Kl says:

                    If a Veteran is receiving Med Care at a VA Facility, why isn’t it considered a Medical Professional or Professionals administering Treatment Plans and Medications as an ” Automatic” assumption ? Too me, a persons Wife or Caretaker is operating under the direction of the Vet’s Primary Care Provider and other specials. I.E. Can a Doctor at VA just write prescriptions without a reason why or PLAN OF CARE ? I think this could be argued in higher courts and won, resolving all ” Ambiguity” regarding ” Receiving Professional Care, and a Care plan for your Primary Caregiver to follow. Any Comments to that ? Thanks

                    • Holly says:

                      It could be argued but IMHO won’t be won.

                    • Joseph Kl says:

                      VHA HANDBOOK 1160.01 September 11, 2008
                      4. Support for VA patient rights.
                      (3) All mental health care must be provided with cultural competence.
                      (a) All staff who are not veterans must have training about military and veterans’ culture in
                      order to be able to understand the unique experiences and contributions of those who have served
                      their country.
                      (b) All staff must receive cultural competence training addressing ethnic and minority issues.
                      (4) There must be a mental health treatment plan for all veterans receiving mental health
                      (a) The treatment plan must include the patient’s diagnosis or diagnoses and document
                      consideration of each type of evidence-based intervention for each diagnosis.
                      (b) The treatment plan needs to include approaches to monitoring the outcomes (therapeutic
                      benefits and adverse effects) of care, and milestones for reevaluation of interventions and of the
                      plan itself.
                      (c) As appropriate, the plan needs to consider interventions intended to reduce symptoms,
                      improve functioning, and prevent relapses or recurrences of episodes of illness.
                      (d) The plan needs to be recovery oriented, attentive to the veteran’s values and preferences,
                      and evidence-based regarding what constitutes effective and safe treatments.
                      (e) The treatment plan needs to be developed with input from the patient, and when the
                      veteran consents, appropriate family members. The veteran’s verbal consent to the treatment plan
                      is required pursuant to VHA Handbook 1004.1.

                    • Joseph Kl says:

                      No idea why the VA Handbook stuff, printed out so long. But Bottom Line is this. You don’t even need Licensed Professional Care. Your Caregiver Wife does not need to be certified. You are entitled to the R Rate, paid at the R 2 rate, not “qualify” for R 2 Rate, just PAID at that rate. I.E. See R 1 ( No Professional Care required, and same with SMC T. R-2 Yes.
                      This is why SMC T was developed in the first place. Because NFL and Boxers were being compensated and Congress decided to compensate Vets. The birth of SMC T. You do need a SC TBI, you do need residuals. You do need the statement about if you didn’t have a wife, or Caregiver taking care of your daily needs, ” ( Residual Disabilities THAT ARE DUE “Solely” to TBI Residuals ) That is the KEY for your claim. SMC is based Solely Due to TBI Residuals, and without such care, you would need to be in an Institution or need the Professional Residential care, etc………. SMC MUST BE BASED ON TBI RESIDUALS , you can have additional residuals, but you need a good medical opinion That defines, First and Foremost your A&A is due solely to TBI residuals. I believe ASK NOD is totally correct in telling Veterans about the games, VA may try to induce in a rating decision. Bottom Line, be prepared and try to have all your shit wired tight. Make Sure your SMC L is based solely on residuals of TBI. Any Cracks, or legal loopholes, VA will definitely play hardball. I’m living proof. I could have done a lot of things differently when first filing my claim. It’s not easy for Vets at first. You do not know anything about disability compensation, or required strategy. You learn as you go. Every System has a way of doing business. If I didn’t have the VA Health Care, and Med;s, I would be dead. It is not about bashing the VA, I always try to think what could I have done better in regards to my claim ? Probably quite a bit. It kind of goes back to the Army and think about Sensitive or High Dollar Items. You going to let an E-1 sign for a C-141 Jet ? No. If you are the VA, are you going to offer the Veterans something really good to help them ? Hell Yes. They are just making sure the Veteran asking for the higher care, is totally legit in his or her need. It’s a high dollar item. Home Grants, Auto Grants, VA offers a lot. I do not agree with newer Vets receiving special treatment with Health Care. Post 911 group. On G.I. Bill stuff, yes. But there should be no special treatment for any class of Veterans as far as Healthcare. If I had the time or energy I would take on the Gov about discrimination , especially Care Giver program. They are saying 1 group of Wife is better than another. A Post 911 Vet’s Wife deserves funds, A Vietnam, or Gulf War Vet’s Wife goes on the Back burner. That is BS and could be a winning Supreme Court Decision. Okay, last few days I’ve rambled enough. I hope I have offered some constructive tid bits. In closing, I enjoy ASK NODS site, and there is a lot of fine work and insight offered here. If I’ve said anything wrong, please delete my posts.

  2. cdneh says:

    Goodness, three years on appeal is quite the wait.

  3. david murphy says:


  4. Calvin Winchell says:

    And a fine sword bearer you be…. praying my sword reveals itself sooner than later!
    Getting ready to tie myself to the door of the VA and begin screaming and raising hell… 7 goddamn years of waiting is NOT due process of anybody’s law!!

  5. Holly says:

    You are so right…there is no business like VET business.

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