Can you imagine ol’ Punxsutawney Phil crawin’ out of wherever he crawled into (last Fall) tomorrow and seeing this Global Warming ‘event’ across Pennsylvania’s fruited plains? I doubt he’d make it past his front door. It’s probably about 4 feet under. Shadow my ass. Maybe the spectre of starvation shadow if things don’t start heading smartly towards Spring. 

With that said, I guess your wondering why I called you here. Right. Thursday, being the day after Groundhog Day and very auspicious for special events, just happens to be John and Jerrel’s preferred day for holding VA Court and discussing the VA disaster of the week. This week it’s one of the wildest and wooliest c&p medical opinion I’ve ever read, and trust me, I’ve seen a passel of them over the last 30 years.

When you think you’ve heard Le Whopper de l’anée in terms of a long term-claim appeal fight, look no further than Mr. Charles. He had 55 years into it before he got VA to sit up and take notice. When they did, in 2008-2011, they inundated him in grants from bilateral frozen feet to status post (S/P) encephalitis at 100% with all the tinnitus  etc. thrown in to attain SMC S. That’s when Mr. C decided to go for the date he filed. He died waiting after investing a total of 69 years into this. Now it’s Mrs. C’s turn at the  rudder.

One of the beauties of VBMS is that the subcontractors are handed a paper file and they scan it. All of it.They couldn’t give a hoot whether what they are scanning incriminates earlier raters and proves their mis/malfeasance. They’re like a hammer and every piece of paper in the claims file looks like a nail. Scan. Scan. Scan. Next Vet? Ditto ad infinitum. In Mr. C’s case, it showed he arrived at the local Topeka, Kansas VARO in November 1953 and filed a claim. It isn’t in there but the issuance of the claims file number is…17 xxx xxx.  He gave them his wife’s and kid’s name, rank, airspeed and tail number. They have the marriage license. Why all that if you are not filing a claim? And, just like all negro Veterans’ claims back then, the VA pukes filed it in the trash can. Probably even had a good laugh over it at Happy Hour that night. Well, if any of them are still alive, I’d love to see the look on their faces when this comes out of the oven.

Accrued money from past VA errors is meager pickings. No back interest and a 10% rating in 1953 was about $6 a month. In 2008 I won a 10% back to 1994. $18, 250. I won a 10% increase up from 10% to 20% from April 1970 to March 2015. $45,000 or so. It isn’t a pot at the end of the rainbow if that’s what you’re hoping for. But if you got screwed out of a 70% rating in ’53, then you’re talking some serious folding money. And boy howdy does VA take a dim view of that crap… as I’ll share with you all.

But we’ll discuss that Thursday. If their show is still all the same, John and Jerrel’s FB will light up about 1900 Hrs on the Easterly Coast for some H&I. For those dysleftic, that would be 1600 Hrs over here adjacent to our Shining Sea.

Here’s all the Data you’ll need.

(515) 605-9764

Or, if preferred via your computer…


In the interests of keeping it down to a dull roar, please refrain from dialing the number 1 unless you wish to ask a question. We have enough problems with all Jerrel’s hounds barking and making a ruckus in the background as it is. I hope to hear you there.

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3 Responses to HADIT.COM RADIO SHOW- THURSDAY 2/3/22

  1. asknod says:

    I don’t think it will rise to the excitement of a 1968 Tet. I missed that but my dad was there. Said TSN was a shit show with gooks running through the revetments with RPGs and satchel charges trying to take out F-4s.

  2. Laura says:

    Will try to listen live or stream afterwards. Always good discussions on Hadit.

  3. Calvin Winchell says:

    Oh hell yes! And Lunar New Year to boot.
    ll should be a goodie…

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