Start Civilian Life as a Home-Based Entrepreneur

You’ve served your country well, and now you’re ready to begin a new venture. If you haven’t already contemplated it among your options, it might be the perfect time to start a business of your very own. Working from home is the new normal, and you have all the qualifications — leadership, drive, confidence, perseverance — to be a top-notch entrepreneur. What’s more, a work-from-home startup is a great way to decompress as you make the mental adjustment to life in the civilian world while establishing financial security for your future. 

The following resources can help you get started out on the right foot. 

Equal Opportunities

When considering timing, the current state of the world might give you cold feet. At first glance, waiting for a period of lush economic growth might sound wisest at first glance.  But where problems exist, so do plenty of opportunities. 

  • As Entrepreneur points out, when times are challenging, that means you can often purchase equipment, or even whole businesses, for a song.
  • You don’t need an amazing discovery or invention to dive in, just a good solution to an existing problem. If you see a product you think is overpriced, perhaps you should look for ways to produce it for less. 
  • Maybe you’ve spotted a trend you’re ready to capitalize on. 
  • For instance, many people have adopted animals during lockdown; when they return to work outside the home, perhaps you could fulfill their need for a pet sitter


Create a Space

Whatever you decide to do, you’re going to need a place to work. 

  • Design a space that will allow you to be focused and productive.
  • Think about budgeting for your startup costs and price things out.
  • Look into whether you need a license or permit to operate your business. You can also hire companies that will help you file the necessary paperwork.


Finances and Foundations

A new business venture requires money, whether to build your dream office or invest in new gear. You might even need to establish a more stable position before going too far. Getting your money in order will pave the way for your business to blossom. 

  • If you’ve made financial mistakes, you may need to take steps to repair your credit.
  • In the course of making calculations and plans, you might decide to apply for a loan.
  • Inc. explains you should draw up a formal business plan to help with applications, formalize your ideas, and to give validity to your venture. 
  • If you need time to repair your credit or build a safety net, there are many part-time jobs available that you can perform remotely while you formulate your plan. 

Just for You

There are a number of services and special offers available just for veterans.

  • There are attorneys and other legal resources that can help you.
  • Going from military life to civilian life is a big adjustment. If you need mental health support services, be sure to reach out. 
  • Whether it’s for your business, education, or something else, there are many grants out there specifically designed for veterans. 

You’re in an exciting but challenging phase of life. Be sure to connect with whatever help you need, and you’ll see victory in your new venture.

Author’s note: Ms. Brewer is our latest new contributor. She searches out new ideas and concepts which may help with the Kung Flu doldrums. Telecommuting is undoubtedly the wave of the future. I’ve been running my blog and my legal practice for Veterans from home for over a decade. It’s like kids’ fireworks-safe and sane.

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