Another great song by Kansas. It aptly describes my Marine. Meet Ken. Survivor of the 1968 Khe Sanh Spring Break. Those animals partied up there for 77 days straight. He got his first Purple Heart several weeks after the siege lifted in April just south of there on Foxtrot Ridge. He got his second one north of Khe Sanh on the Cua Viet River near the depot a short while later. He even got a Navy Achievement Medal with a Combat V. 

Ken came to me to solve a problem. VA had whacked him on the prostate cancer residuals from 100% for surgery down to 30%. The problem was he should have gotten 60% and TDIU. He also has 50% for Bent Brain Syndrome and 10% for tinnitus. Ken is a sad reminder of what VA can do to you if you don’t have a Sherpa to guide you up the mountain. Fact was, he was just about ready to throw in the towel and piss on the fire he was so mad. I’m not sure how he found me but I’m sure it was word of mouth. I sure don’t advertize for good reason.

First, I emailed the turkey who whacked him to 30 and got that fixed on a CUE. Next an 8940 and a few 4192s to show he’d been dead in the water job-wise for over 10 years which began with his prostate problems. Things began to bog down about late November. Lincoln Nebraska was the Fort Fumble in charge of it. On Christmas Eve morning before they had their office party, I looked up the coach and VSR doing the claim from the VBMS notes section and shot them an email reminding them Ken filed all this waaaaay back in 1/2018 just in case they disremembered. I got a nasty email right back from the Lincoln Change Management Agent 45 seconds later reminding me to only talk to her. Emailing the Coach was riiiiiight out, thank you. I shot her one right back  saying if anyone had bothered to look at Ken’s claims, they would see his two Purple Hearts. You’re supposed to get moved to the front of line for just one Purple Heart so I was just checking in and excuuuuuuuuuuse me. Ken had filed in 1/2018 before all this Purple Heart hyperdrive motivator shit came out on 1 April of this year.

Boy howdy did that put ants in Coach Shawanda’s underwear. I had a rating in the VBMS Queue the next morning at 0900 when I checked in. An email from the booth bitch in Lincoln at 0800 Lincoln Local just said they’d “mutually decided” to send it over to ratings. That was the 26th -the same morning I got Bob’s PTSD claim win. Another Vet, Don, just became a member of the Nehmer Class on the 12th so December has been bery bery goot to me.

Ken Redact TDIU with SMC S

Wavy Gravy 8/16/1969

Who ever thought a Purple Heart would be good for anything more that a free drink at an AmVets Bar or a VFW? Life is starting to look up for Combat Vets fifty years later. I’m just glad I lived long enough to serve there, get spit on and have the last laugh by being a part of it now. I remember what Wavy Gravy said at Woodstock on these august occasions: “We must be in Heaven, Man!”


Happy New Years to you all. 2020 looks like it’s going to be CLAVU. As you were, gentlemen.


And last, but not least, let’s let 2019 go out with a bang. Take it away, Abdul…

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  1. Richard Reeder says:

    I am a blue water Vietnam vet 69-73. In 2010 came down with Prostate Cancer had it remove. Filed claim and denied because blue water vet. Fast forward all these years have leakage and ED. File again in 2019 after Procopio vs Wilkie decision denied again put more evidence in denied again even after President signing H.R.299. Got letter from VA telling to file a 20-0995. Filed claim and now waiting on decision. I expect a low ball rating. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • asknod says:

      Well, they just began doing the Blue Water stuff 1/01/2020 so I’d guess you’ll be winning soon. The trip wire is 12 miles for exposure. If you were out there at Yankee or Dixie Station on a flattop, you many still not win if the A/C carrier never came within 12 miles of land.

  2. Richard Townsend says:

    Great book about Khe Sanh available at Amazon. “West Dickens Avenue” by John Corbett.

  3. Gary says:

    Am confused, nothing new here… Can TDIU be awarded even after the age of 65? Looking at the redacted decision it appears it was awarded in January 2018 and surely he is well past 65 now. I have friend (Nam 1965) with prostate cancer (in remission) and is about to be reduced, but he is 80 years old now?

    • asknod says:

      Correct. Nothing new. 100% for surgery and then the typical reduction after six mos. to a year. But the total amassed ratings % and the severity of the prostate residuals argued for a TDIU- especially when combined with the Bent Brain.. VA refused until I entered the fray. Then they suddenly caved in after 12 days. I’d say two PHs is a winning pair in this poker game. Your friend needs to call me, Gary. Nobody gets reduced at 80 yrs. old. Well, at least none of my Vets….

      • Gary says:

        I am going to get with you private email. I’ve won a couple and lost a couple using your website and book, however mine was nickle dime stuff. He needs a professional, I had to beg him to go to the RO and put in for prostate cancer and PTSD. He did not know about presumption. He never told me he had cancer till I caught him going to radiation treatments on a visit. His diagnosis was several years ago. He is quitting hormone shots early I think because of the side effects. He has got 70% PTSD but both only active since he told me about the cancer back in late 2018 and I made him go to the RO. While he was supposed to be a pencil pusher in Class of 66 he spent most day in a deuce and a half running supplies or troops.

  4. Hepvet says:

    To cool for the Chemtrail skys.

  5. Tricia500 says:

    OMG, lololol Happy New Year Alex, totally awesome!!

  6. WindTalker says:

    All we are is dust in the Wind.

    Congratulations for another most splinded win.
    I wish 2020 is the best Year ever for everyone.

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