Once upon a time, in a land far far to the west, the military saddled us with REMFs-the first two letters of which stood for Rear and Echelon. REMFs were fearless after the shit quit flying. REMFs got all the medals because-hey-they were driving the typewriters and had plenty of time to do their own valor writeups and willing higher up REMFs who would sign off …if they got some of the medals action. I watched an arty fire mission kill 14 water buffalo one afternoon and zero dinks. Two months later, I heard the Light Col. in charge of the Firebase got a V for his 105mm prowess.

Attached please find a great Christmas video of what could only be a REMF. This old boy must have thought he walked into the perfect storm of hunting; a legend in his own mind with a story that would transcend the ages around the campfire.

Merry Christmas to all. As soon as I reload on some new cartoons, I’ll be back. Meanwhile, keep them coming. This particular one is obviously from our slight damaged LRRP with the Silver Star down in Oregon. Ed’s not sick. Hell, I would have put it up if I’d found it first. Bent Brain Syndrome gives you a killer sense of humor. No pun intended.

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4 Responses to THE REMF

  1. Clear Left says:

    Hahahahahaha. NOD – Wishing a Blessed and Merry Christmas to you and yours

    Clear Left

  2. You talk about the ‘Killer Sense of Humor’ – I would venture to say that this dark sense of humor was a ‘survival tactic’, keeping most of us sane. Or, at least saner. Keep up these good works…

    • asknod says:

      After you lost a few of your friends, you needed all the humor you could get. Well, that and a shit ton of Jack Daniels. Survivor guilt was rampant among Vietnam Vets for years. I dare say it still is. This isn’t macabre humor because it’s comedy. If it was Charlie Manson in living color, it would be different.

  3. Kiedove says:

    Fishing and hunting, cabins, and no real gun laws are a big part of Vermont’s culture and tourism economy. But every year some idiot deer hunters in Vermont shoot and maim or kill their companions in the woods. Or shoot someone hanging out their laundry in their yard. Other jerks cheat and shoot from the road–100% illegal. Some hunt on private posted land. Or engage in illegal baiting. They have poor shooting skills and poorer eyesight. Think that wild turkey is God-knows-what but I’ll kill it anyway even if its not turkey season. I don’t feel safe outside, even dressed in a neon jacket, during the VT hunting season because of all the clowns roaming around who, like the blind fool in the video, would even kill Santa’s reindeer! So watch out for these inept guys! Who knows what they’re smoking.

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